Rudy Giuliani attempts to remove ‘untouched’ witness during election fraud fraud

Another unsolicited electoral fraud hearing on Wednesday night, Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani — who recently dyed hair on his face during a press conference in which he cited My cousin winnie– So embarrassed by one of his witnesses that he tried to drive him away.

Laughing out of court over and over again with Team Trump’s lawsuits and legal challenges, the legal team’s latest gamble to keep President Donald Trump in the White House tries to convince legislators in presidential elections, President-Elect Joe Biden. His electoral vote to Trump won for rejecting his states’ certificates.

After holding informal “hearings” at hotels in Arizona and Pennsylvania, Giuliani and fellow Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis appeared before a Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday. Despite Biden’s 154,000 vote victory, the GOP-led state Legislature comes under pressure from Trump and his Republican allies to bring the state to the presidency and deliver it to the state.

A witness in one of Trump’s legal teams called for the second day of the hearing on Wednesday night – Melissa Caron, who claims she worked as a contractor for the Dominion voting system.

Despite coherently explaining his job duties during the first day of testimony, Caron was brought back by the Trump team – and had trouble realizing what exactly he did as a Dominion contractor. However, that did not deter him from believing that he was in fact a witness and that there was massive fraud when ballots were being counted.

Alleging that he saw pollsters running the same ballot through voting machines “thousands of times,” – Carno sounded outright sarcasm – when a state representative said he should be “under oath”.

“I have an affidavit!” Karon landed. “I am a mother, I have two children, I have two degrees. I do not know any woman in the world who only writes an affidavit under oath. You can go to jail for this!”

The affidavit Caron is referring to was included in a Michigan lawsuit last month that sought to block Wayne County’s election certification. The request was denied by the judge, who considered her allegations “not credible only”.

At one point, during an exchange with GOP representative Steve Johnson, Caron got animated and shouted when the legislator questioned how he claimed to have counted a batch of 30,000 votes that many times featured in the pole book Will not be reflected.

“We are not seeing the poll book closed by 30,000 votes,” Johnson said.

“What will you guys do, take this and do something crazy for this?” Karon fired back.

“I’m just saying the number is not far from 30,000 votes,” Johnson replied calmly.

“I would say the poll book is closed over 100,000 [votes], “She announced with an air of confidence. She then began lecturing the jurist, telling him that there were” zero registered voters “in the county’s poll book.

When Johnson once again tries to ask her about her outward claims, Caron loudly thinks too much about being “120 percent”, advising Giuliani to reach out to calm her, While everyone “silenced” him.

Needless to say the rest of Caron’s testimony was fact-less, unhinged, and jaw dropping. And he continued to deliver it with a surprising amount of confidence.

Meanwhile, Giuliani made a point to note during the hearing that he had met Karon that day and talked to him for the first time on Tuesday.


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