Rudy Giuliani and his Ukraine colleague Sprint Shun Andriy Derkach, their ‘Russian Agent’

Ukrainian, a key ally in his plot to smear President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and former Vice President Joe Biden, to distance himself from Allied Andrey Derkach after both were approved by the US Treasury Department as “active Russian agents” have tried.

Rudy Giuliani, who worked with Dercach and whose work as Trump’s lawyer and top Biden-Dirt-Digger, concluded his own client’s impeachment, told The Daily Beast on Friday that he The Russians were no longer exposed to intelligence assets.

Asked if he wanted to continue the dialogue with Durkach, Giuliani – who has started working with the Trump 2020 campaign – simply replied, “Didn’t talk[ed] To do it in months. “Asked if the news this week meant his friendship and cooperation with Durkach had ended, Giuliani replied,” There is no idea. ”

According to Giuliani, no one anywhere in the Trump administration or the president’s class or inner circle warned him not to meet with Durkach, even though Ukrainian jurists had long been under scrutiny for their Cremian relations. Giuliani said that nobody had bothered checking in with him, after all this time and scandal, to express his reservations about Derkach.

In his first critical remarks since Derkach was approved, former Ukrainian diplomat Andrey Telizenko claimed that Russian assets were never a core member of the team with him and Giuliani, who seek to create a political scandal in Ukraine Were those who could harm Biden and his. Son Hunter before the November election.

“I never liked Durkach, never knew much about his background,” Telizenko told The Daily Beast. “The methods Derkach has used — including leaking some recordings — have caused a loss to the team. The US intelligence services must have found solid evidence about the man’s background. I am sure that everyone who knows Durkach will not be surprised to hear about the restrictions. “(After publication, Telizenko arrived to explain that when he said” team “he meant” the Trump administration and [its] Team. “)

The Daily Beast previously reported that Durkach met with Giuliani in Kiev last December when Ukrainian jurists began insisting on a series of false conspiracy theories claiming they had Biden and Trump’s There was enough evidence to bring in previous presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

“Will be giuliani [wise] What he got from ukraine to share [intelligence community] To ensure that this is not Russia’s propaganda.“

– Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Although Telijenko claims that he is not a close associate of Durkach, the pair have a history of working with Giuliani on publicizing inflammatory conspiracy theories about Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. He has worked closely with the President’s personal counsel to dig up information about Bidens and his political behavior in Ukraine. Telizenko told BuzzFeed News in July that he warned Giuliani about working with Derkach because of his “pro-Russia unions”. Perhaps coincidentally, that article was published on the same day that the intelligence community warned about Russian “proxies” that were interfering with the upcoming election.

Prior to this summer breakup, the three men felt something about a symbiotic relationship. Giuliani has spoken of both Derek and Telyzenko’s bidding on their YouTube video series “Common Sense”. Derkach appeared in February for separate interviews with Giuliani. Telizenko appears to have worked as a translator during the meeting of Derich. (“I did not work as a translator for a Derekach interview with Mr. Giuliani, but a few days later Mr. Giuliani was asked to do a voiceover.” [for a video] After my meeting with Mr. Giuliani, “Telyzhenko said after the publication.

All three people participated in a three-part One America News Network (OAN) documentary on Ukraine’s impeachment, “Ghera”, which aired in December 2019. Giuliani traveled to Ukraine to meet with Telizenko and Dermach. When asked for comment about Durkach on Friday afternoon, network president Charles Herring responded with a 167-word text message. Neither of those words mentioned Derkach.

At their meetings, Giuliani said he collected hundreds of pages of documents exposing Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, saying the information would expose the presidential candidate as “fraud”. Telijenko helped Giuliani during his visit, he said, but claimed that he and the rest of the “team” did not arrange a Trump advisory meeting with Durkach. (Alexander Onychenko, a Ukrainian gas tycoon accused of embezzlement, has also previously worked with Giuliani. He was arrested in Germany in December 2019 during Giuliani’s visit to Kiev.

Telijenko told The Daily Beast that former lawmaker André Artemenko, who was proposing to lease Crimea to Russia by snatching his Ukrainian citizenship in 2017, set up a meeting between Giuliani and Derkach in December. Artemenko, under the name Andrey Kuchma, filed paperwork with the US Department of Justice this spring to hold meetings in the country and members of the foreign affairs committees of the House and Senate between Durkach and members of Congress to work in the country Can be helped in organizing.

“It makes sense [Telizhenko] Want to try and now have to make a distance from Derkach. This is laudable, but not surprising, ”said a former US official who worked on Ukraine policy. He added, “He does not want what happened to him. It would be Telizenko’s prudence not to treat Durkach the same if he wants to be protected from sanctions.”

The Treasury and state departments worked on putting together a plan to approve Derek for months, a person with direct knowledge told The Daily Beast. The process included the cancellation of Derkach’s US visa earlier this year. It is unclear if the administration investigated Telechenko to the same degree as Derkach. Telizenko told The Daily Beast that his US visa is still valid and he plans to return to the US when the coronovirus epidemic begins to air.

Despite trying to distance himself from Derkach, Telizhenko admits drinking cigars with Giuliani and helping organize his trip to Kiev. “Mr. Giuliani and I traveled together from Budapest; we talked for hours about corruption in Ukraine,” Telezhenko said. “I helped organize some meetings for Mr. Giuliani in Kiev.” (Telizenko Stated after publication that he “never accepts drinking cigars with Mr. Juliani, only traveling from Budapest to Kiev with him.”

Telizenko said she continued to work in Ukraine to uncover a so-called scandal that would harm Biden, and gave evidence for the investigation of Sen. Ron Johnson last year. “Was in [providing evidence] In the Senate about the high and low level US officials involved in corrupt schemes in the territory of Ukraine under the Obama administration, ”he said. “The results of the Senate investigation will be published in two weeks.”

“The senior official said,” Telizenko and Durkach have reliability problems. “It has been known for some time that Dirkach is acting in the interests of Russia and is an active padar of disintegration. Johnson knows this. He knows that he cannot trust such information. ”

Telizenko said he has passed several emails from US officials to the Senate. “My prediction is that Donald Trump wins the election in November,” he said, “Trump would be happy to help in the process” in a second Trump term in Ukraine, by which he appeased Russian aggression in the region it means. .

In a statement released on Thursday, responding to the Treasury’s announcement, Johnson and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) accused Democrats of relying on Gilliani’s contact with Dirkach to disband, accusing him of negotiating with a Russian agent liar:

“Considering foreign elections in all their forms from any corner of the world cannot be tolerated. We applaud the Trump administration for apprehending criminals accountable for foreign interference, and I hope that my Democratic colleagues in Congress will stop relying on disinfectants from the likes of Andrey Durkach to smear their political rivals. ”

Since last year, Giuliani’s biden-Ukraine crusade and his kissing with figures like Derkach have concerned various Trump lieutenants and allies on Capitol Hill, bringing Giuliani back to Trump and Washington as part of a disinformation campaign Or Russian. propaganda.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), a top Trump aide and confidant on the Hill, told The Daily Beast in December that “Giuliani will [wise] What he got from ukraine to share [intelligence community] To ensure that this is not Russia’s propaganda. I highly doubt what Russians are doing around the world. “(At the time, Giuliani only insisted that what he had received was” not Russian propaganda. ”

However, Graham’s criticism was kept silent if he was absent on Friday, and he refused to address Derracch or Giuliani when asked specifically in a brief phone interview. The GOP senator instead introduced “just a general proposal”.

“No matter what comes out of Ukraine, we need to make sure that the intelligence community keeps a good eye on it … because businesses and other entities are easily manipulated,” Graham said. “I recommend you keep your watchman … whatever originates from Ukraine … I believed at the time and now believe. This does not mean that you cannot see abuse of power or misconduct , [however]. ”

The Beindian-related work with the Trump campaign brings back the uncomfortable echoes of the Kremlin’s “Illusion” story, given Giuliani’s recent collaborations with a Russian agent who disrupted Trump’s first campaign and administration for so long . However, it is a parallel that Team Trump is seen shrinking. Two senior Trump campaign officials and another source close to the team say they are not aware of an employee who sees this as any serious concern this week.

“If If Racists want to make this campaign about Russia again, it would be a terrible strategy. It is on, ”said a Republican close to the Trump campaign.

UPDATE 5:55 PM: This story has been updated with additional comments by Telizenko.