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Royal Rumble – WWE’s best results

The Greatest Royal Rumble has positioned itself as an extension of the WrestleMania card, with rematches between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship (in a steel cage, no less) and AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura for the title of the WWE as the show's owner. There are also five other matches for the title and the first 50-man Royal Rumble game, in front of an exhausted crowd at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Tim Fiorvanti has the live summary as this historic show plays out.

Match for the Intercontinental Championship ladder: Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz vs. Finn Balor against Samoa Joe

Match in progress

Match for the team championship SmackDown tag: Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. The Usos

Although a one-sided effort would not have been a big surprise, the Uses were not so easily put aside in this game. They chained a series of high-flying offensive maneuvers, including a pair of dives out of the ring, a double superkick and a splash of Use. But the level of dominance on the afternoon screen lifted its head with the rapid movement of momentum at the end. of the match With a tensor hit and a double power bomb, Harper and Rowan successfully retained their SmackDown tag team championships.

Jeff Hardy successfully defended the United States Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Courtesy @WWE

United States Championship Match: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Jinder Mahal

Like the fight for the Raw Tag Team championship that preceded it, the probability of a title change here was low at the beginning.

After a fairly solid match in which Jeff Hardy defeated Jinder Mahal to win the United States championship on Raw a few weeks ago, Hardy moved to SmackDown and retaken that title until Tuesday nights. This rematch was neither close to being so competitive or entertaining, and it included a Whisper to the Wind during which Hardy dived from the top rope, missed several feet from Mahal and Mahal still fell as if he had been hit.

Fate's turn, Swanton Bomb, Hardy wins. End.


Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeated The Bar to win the tag team Raw Championships Courtesy of WWE

Unformatted Tag Team Championship match: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt def. The Bar

The result of this match seemed pretty straightforward from the start, with Sheamus and Cesaro now on the SmackDown roster, but that did not mean there was not something fun in this game. The Bar fought for quite some time, but the game became hurried. With a twist of fate in Sheamus, and an assisted turn of destiny with Bray Wyatt just in case, Hardy and Wyatt left with the Raw team championships in hand.

Courtesy of WWE

Match for the cruiserweight championship: Cedric Alexander (c) def. Kalisto

Although there were fun moments and high points throughout the match, the energy level at the Greatest Royal Rumble certainly dropped a few tics during the early stages.

The crowd grabbed in a hurry when Kalisto hit a super-twisted DDT-style fight and appeared again when Kalisto nailed a Spanish Fly trampoline while Alexander was perched on top of the top turnstile.

The match finally had its best moment at the close, as Alexander countered Kalisto's Sunrise directly on his lumbar control to pick up the victory. This was not the best showdown the cruiserweight division could have produced, or one with a lot of history, but it looks like things will reappear once he returns to 205 Live on Tuesday.

John Cena and Triple H kicked off the festivities at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Courtesy @WWE

John Cena def. Triple H

If there was any doubt about how the crowd was going to react to this show, Triple H and John Cena's tickets would relieve them in an instant. Both obtained tremendous reactions, and kept things slow and steady as they absorbed the moment. The party had a super old sense of school, with a pause between each movement. Even in Saudi Arabia, there were chants of "Let's go to Dinner, Dinner stinks", and although the party itself was a bit run down at times, there were a lot of funny moments.

Dinner touched an Attitude Adjustment, which Triple H kicked off, and Triple H hit a pedigree that Cena ejected. Cena finally hit a AA deadlift, got Triple H in the corner, landed a second Attitude Adjustment and picked up the points victory.

Cena thanked the crowd and Saudi Arabia for having it, and the show was on its way. [19659010] Still to come:

Match for the universal championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage

WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

50 men Royal Rumble match


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