Royal Love-Child demands ‘privileges and titles’ given to other children Royal | news

Artist Delphin Boel has raised his case against his father, former Belgian King Albert II in the court. Appealing in court in Brussels, the former King’s love child should be granted “exactly the same privileges, titles and abilities” Albert II’s other children his entire life, his lawyer Mark Uyetendale.

Speaking about Ms. Boel’s case, the lawyer said: “Delphine’s position is not whether she wants to be a princess or not.

“She does not want to be a cut-price child, she wants the same privileges, titles and abilities as her brothers and her sister.”

A decision in Ms. Boel’s favor may have long-lasting implications.

Reports suggest that Ms. Boel’s victory in court could see her children become eligible for the royal title – much like the grandson of King Albert II in the line of heir to the throne.

But the former King’s lawyer says the court has no power to hand over the titles and only a royal ruling would make Ms. Boel a princess.

King Albert II claimed that he had been Ms. Boël’s father for decades.

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Her mother, the Baroness Sibyl de Laleschamps, said that she and Albert II were in a long 18-year relationship before being crowned king.

The Belgian elite also claimed that Ms. Boel had a royal presence during her childhood.

Speculation about an illegitimate child of King Albert II began in 1999 following the publication of an unauthorized biography of the emperor’s wife, Queen Paola.

Not what

This sensational claim prompted a royal scandal and growing gossip around the court.

Ms Boel first spoke publicly and claimed that she was the love child of King Albert II in 2005.

However, she could only open court proceedings in 2013, as she lost in favor of her first-born King Philip and lost her immunity to prosecute.

Despite starting a legal case against him, the former king initially resisted court orders to undergo DNA testing.

He said that he pushed the trial back when he said he faced fines of £ 4,500 (€ 5,000) per day.

After she “learned the results of the DNA tests”, Albert II accepted Ms. Boel as her fourth child.

King Albert’s lawyer issued a statement on 27 January: “Scientific findings suggest that he is the biological father of Mrs Delphi Boel.

“King Albert has decided in good conscience to end this painful process.”

The lawyer for the love child described this royal admission as “relief”.

He continued: “His life has been a nightmare because of this quest for identity.”