Royal Caribbean Beef Up Onboard Medical Center – Cruise Industry News

With the volume of The Seism sailing from Singapore in December, Royal Caribbean International has seriously updated its health and safety standards.

As part of the brand’s “Royal Promise” campaign, each ship will have additional doctors and nurses onboard and onshore as well as advanced equipment.

Onboard medical centers include dedicated controlled care centers where potential infectious guests or crew can be cared for, away from other, non-coronovirus health practices. A new layout is depicted above.

The ship will also take on an infection control officer who oversees and coordinates the implementation of the company’s infection control plan.

The physician on each ship will receive mandatory acute respiratory training prior to the voyage.

If there is a possible COVID-19 case, how will the medical center operate?

“If a guest starts feeling ill, they can report the urgent medical need by phone to the nurse on duty. Our medical team will let the guest evaluate the comfort and privacy of their stateroom and determine if a SARS-CoV-2 test is required, ”reads information on the Royal Caribbean International website.

“Our onboard medical facilities are designed to offer robust treatment with state-of-the-art equipment enhancements such as hospital-grade ventilators with rapid RT-PCR testing onsite, CPAP and BAPAP capabilities, a dedicated controlled care center; And more critical care beds on each ship. ”

Thanks to rapid technology-enabled contact tracing, the cruise line will also be able to advise guests who had extended contact with any known matter.

The COVID-19 test, treatment, and journey home is free for every passenger up to an amount of $ 20,000. Passengers who test positive for onboard coronoviruses as well as their travel party will receive a refund of 100 percent of the price of their cruise.

The above is only a guarantee for customers who book their trip before 30 November. Health and safety protocols are subject to change without any change based on ongoing assessment, public health standards and government requirements.