Roy Keane, Gary Neville and Gary Lineker agree to Manchester United’s penalty claim against Chelsea

Gary Neville, Roy Keane and Gary Lineker said Manchester United should have received a penalty against Chelsea.

United were hoping to receive a penalty after the VAR asked referee Stuart Attwell to review an incident involving Callum Hudson-Odoi and Mason Greenwood where the ball appeared to hit the former’s arm.

However, despite seeing a replay on the court monitor, Attwell stuck to his initial decision and chose not to aim for the spot.

“There is no question that earlier in the season this would have been a penalty,” Neville said in a co-comment while the review was underway. “I think he’s going to give a penalty. I think Hudson-Odoi’s panic is the fact that his arm shouldn’t really be there, he tries to get his body in but then he pushes it.

“There is no doubt that two or three months ago, that is a penalty, and there is no doubt that two or three months ago the referee on the field would have complied with the referral, but the referees are bolder and the laws of the handball are changing in front of our eyes as the season progresses.

“You speak of an unnatural position, I think it is probably a penalty due to the height of the ball, it is not exactly a blow towards him. Tuchel and Solskjaer are having a fight.”

“We’ve seen some stupid this season when a player has been hit and you think, ‘How’s that a penalty?’ Hudson-Odoi can see the ball traveling from a distance, he’s in the air and his hand is pulling him away from Greenwood. .

“It’s interesting because when the case happened, the Chelsea players were asking for a Greenwood handball.”

Lineker agreed with Neville’s verdict and wrote on Twitter: “I hate the current handball law, but under current guidelines that’s a shame.”

Keane also disagreed with Attwell’s decision, saying Hudson-Odoi moved his hand toward the ball: “We’ve seen them die before for incidents like this.

“When he stopped the game and went to the screen, the Chelsea players are certainly worried, they are around the referee, which is probably not helpful. He raises his hand towards the ball, there is no way to escape.

“We’ve seen them dice, we don’t want players to be punished for this, but he raises his hand.”


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