Rowing Sun is free at the Epic Games Store and on the Star Wars Battlefront II deck

FTL fans have something different to drown in

The Epic Games Store has an interesting one-two punch that stands out for sci-fi rugulite fans and anyone who is getting Star wars battlefront ii. The holidays are over but free play must continue.

Starting today, you can claim the strategy title Weeping sun For its bustling PC library, and until it reaches arguably the best-in-class high FTL, It’s a similar mood – you can dig it.

After that freebie, Epic Store will give Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition – That Hero and Trooper with hundreds of cosmetic extras “voices”, “voice lines, and pack-in emotions starting Thursday through January 1. 14. Try not to forget (but if you do, here we are Will be).

I feel like Battlefront II (And reception to Battlefront II) Has come enough in recent years that I do not need to tell you that it is a good place and it is pleasant – but it is. You can be a boss!

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