Rose’s release date announced for April 19 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

It won’t be long now

One of the most requested and rumored characters for Street Fighter 5 for years in the life of the game, and now we know when his return to the big stage will arrive.

In addition to their huge gameplay display at the Spring Update event, Capcom also announced Rose’s official release date for SF5, and it will arrive in the coming weeks.

Rose is coming to SF5 in just 13 days with its release date set for Monday, April 19, though that won’t all make it to the fighting game that day.

The upcoming fighter is said to have five costumes in total, though the only one we got to see during the stream was for her traditional dress that looks like an updated version of the one she had in Street Fighter 4.

They didn’t confirm if all of her outfits will be available on launch day or if she’ll just have the standard story and battle suits to choose from.

For those looking to retake the game in its fifth year, Capcom has a special sale promotion through April 29 with the base game discounted at $ 8, $ 20.09 for Champion Edition and $ 14.99 for the Champion Edition upgrade kit. on PlayStation 4.

Rose will be available for purchase separately for $ 5.99 or as part of the Season 5 Character Pass for $ 24.99. The Premium Pass costs $ 39.99 and comes bundled with everything from the Character Pass plus additional character Eleven and additional costumes.

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Rose’s release time matches what we predicted earlier, as Capcom appears to have followed a similar window to what they did for Dan after the Winter Update stream.

The Spring Update stream went over all of Rose’s moves, including her specials and the entire V-System, as well as a few full rounds from the actual game, so we’ll have a full breakdown of absolutely everything on show shortly from our superfan. Rose’s resident Jonathan Catalyst ‘Gray.


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