Rosamund Pike says her chest and eyes have been Photoshopped for movie posters

Rosamund Pike says her image has been Photoshopped onto previous movie posters. (Photo: PA)

Rosamund Pike warned that we are “losing control of how we really look” when she revealed that her breasts and eyes have been manipulated for movie posters.

the Girl is gone Y I care a lot star said her chest was “swollen” for the poster of the 2011 comedy Johnny English Reborn.

And in 2019 her eyes turned brown in promo material for the Marie Curie drama. Radioactive.

Speaking in The Kelly Clarkson Show, Pike said: “On the poster of the character shot [in Johnny English Reborn] I have a very impressive chest, which I do not have.

“And to Radioactive, strangely, they made my eyes brown, which I still don’t really know why. “

Pike said it was all “weird” and it made him wonder if people always know when their image has been altered.

She said: “Those are the obvious moments when you realize, when you say, ‘Oh, I have brown eyes’ or ‘I have huge breasts’, but there are probably countless times when our image is manipulated and we don’t realize it. … I think we’re all losing control of who we really are. “

Pike isn’t the first star to talk about Photoshopping, with the likes of Kate Winslet and Zendaya among those criticizing improved images of themselves in the past.

Winslet first spoke out in 2003, saying a magazine had “reduced the size of my legs by about a third” for its cover.

In 2015, Zendaya shared side-by-side images showing the natural shot and the retouched version after one shot, saying that her hips and torso had been “quite manipulated.”

“These are the things that make women self-conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have,” Euphoria said the star.

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