Ronnie Spector remembers ‘Great Producer’ and ‘Cheap Husband’

Ronnie Spector, the teenage protégée, became the former wife of Phil Spector, speaking on Sunday after her death, calling her a “prolific producer but a lousy husband”.

In a post on Instagram, 77-year-old Frontwoman of the Ronettes said: “It’s a sad day for music and a sad day for me.”

“When I was working with Phil Spector, making him in a recording studio, I knew that I was doing very well. He was completely in control, directing everyone. To love so much about those days. Meeting her and falling in love was like a fairytale. The magical music that we were able to create together was inspired by our love. I loved him, and gave him my heart and soul. “

The “Be My Baby” singer, who has spoken deeply about the abuse and vandalism at the hands of her ex-husband before and after the 1974 divorce, also made reference to the bad times.

“As I said when he was alive, he was a great producer, but a poor husband. Unfortunately Phil was not able to live and work outside the recording studio. Darkness enveloped many lives. I still smile every time we listen to music performed together, and always will. Music will always be there. Phil Spector 1939-2021, “she wrote.

Ronnie, who was married to Phil for six years, previously accused him of pulling a gun, forcing him to sign a divorce settlement that allegedly excluded him from earning future records, and Also advocated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Do not include it.

He also claimed that he had placed a gold coffin in the basement and told him that if he ever tried to leave it, he would kill it and put it in it.

The couple’s three adopted children also said they suffered abuse at the hands of a late-record record producer.

Born in Spanish Harlem, Veronica Bennett was a Bronx native at the age of 18. Impressed by her voice, the producers replaced her as the glamorous and rebellious singer who broke the charts nine times in the 60s.

The couple married in 1968 and Phil’s actress Lana Clarkson divorced in 1974, three decades earlier.

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