Ronnie Spector Be My Baby In The Zendaya A24 Movie. Autobiography – Deadline

UPDATED: I learned that Ronnie Spector will team up with A24 New Regency. Both previously participated in the Robert Eggers-directed film power station, And they are part of Malcolm and mary film.

EXCLUSIVE: A24 is putting together a film package that will have an Emmy-winner excitement Star Zendaya played the role of singer Ronnie Spector in a film about his life. Deals have just closed for Spector’s life rights and be my BabyThe memoir she wrote with Vince Waldron. I hear that I am having an initial conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jackie Siblius Drury for writing the screenplay.

The film will be produced by Mark Platt, directed by Rob Marshall The Little Mermaid, Dear Evan Hanson And Devil. Jonathan Greenfield and Spector will be the exec producers, and Zendaya will also join as a producer as all these deals come together.

Zendaya speaks to historical and emotional Amy Win HBO’s ‘Euprohia’: ‘It means a lot to me’

The way Jennifer Hudson was personally drawn to play in the upcoming MGM biopic to respect, Spector chose Zendaya as the actress she wanted to portray in her early years. The singer grew up in Spanish Harlem and started the girl group Ronettes with her older sister Estelle Bennett and her cousin Nedley Talley. He was famously signed to his Phils Records label by the volatile record producer Phil Spector, and there he called his 1963 success hit Be the Baby. “She married Spector and, as she writes in the book, it was clear that she had made a big mistake when she woke up one morning to the sound of a bar being put on the windows of her mansion. In a subsequent divorce, she cunningly fought for her musical rights and eventually joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She repeated her most famous hit in 1986, singing the duet with Eddie Money on “Take Me Home Tonight”, when she got a second air.

Netflix closes $ 30 million deal for promos of ‘Malcolm and Mary’; Sam Levinson Lockdown-Shot Drama Stars Zendaya & John David Washington: Toronto

It seemed that the film would take root at Fox last year, but the sale of that studio to Disney stopped its momentum. The A24 is a good fit, as it produces excitement For HBO. Zendaya became the youngest actress to win a lead actress in just one drama series – she is 24 – and the second black woman to win that category after Viola Davis in 2015. She is as hot as you get. To leave his work Spider Man: Homecoming And its sequel, he co-starred in the upcoming Dennis Villanueve-directed Dune, and also Malcolm and mary. On that one, he asked excitement EP Sam Levinson to write a film that could be shot during the epidemic. they have got theory ‘John David Washington worked as a co-star, and the resulting small-budget black-and-white film created a hot auction at the Toronto Film Festival Market before Netflix bought it for $ 30 million.

The rights to life and the book deals were made simultaneously by Ronnie’s manager John Greenfield and Hotchkiss Daly & Associates. Zendaya has been retaken by Skrzyniarz & Mallean by CAA, Monster Talent Management and their attorneys.

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