Ron Southwick: Medical analysis helped save my spouse (and 322,000 different girls) | Studying Eagle


Studying Eagle: Ron Southwick | My spouse, Sandy Villanueva, indicators the survivors’ banner on the Making Strides In opposition to Breast Most cancers stroll in Harrisburg on Oct. 21. Sandy is an eight-year survivor.

Monday October 30, 2017 12:01 AM

Yearly, on a Saturday morning in October, my spouse Sandy makes me smile when she indicators her title.

We participate within the Making Strides In opposition to Breast Most cancers stroll in Harrisburg, a fundraiser for the American Most cancers Society. Proper earlier than the beginning line, the organizers arrange a tent the place bad most cancers survivors signal their names to a banner.

Sandy has been signing her title yearly since 2009. She

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