Romney on Trump impeachment: ‘If we are going to build unity, then there should be’ accountability ‘

Sen. Mitt Romney of R-Utah expressed support for the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, telling “Fox News Sunday” that a trial is needed to achieve “truth and justice”.

Romney, who voted to indict Trump on his first impeachment, cited Trump’s attempt to convince Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensper to reverse the state election result, as well as a take on US Capitol on 6 January Called him for the march. Violent riot.


“Well, we’re definitely going to go for a test. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but the statement of the Foreign Minister in Georgia, coupled with the president’s conduct, as well as an inclination to rebellion, led to the attack. .Romit said call for a capital trial.

“And, you know, if we are going to keep unity in our country, I think it is important to recognize the need for accountability for truth and justice.”

Romney said the House’s article of impeachment “suggests ineffectual conduct”, but admitted that he and his fellow senators had yet to hear arguments from both sides. He said he would “do his best as a Senate juror to do justice as well as I can understand it.”

Republicans went on to impeach Trump not only for his words and actions, but for what he said in the months following the election.

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“I think it’s very clear that in the last year or so there has been an attempt to corrupt the election in the United States,” Romney said. “It was not by President Biden, it was done by President Trump. … That corruption we saw in connection with the conduct in Ukraine, as well as a call to Raffenspar’s secretary of state, as well as to insure Provoked. ” Obviously very serious and an attack on the foundations of our democracy and is something that has to be considered and resolved. “

Looking ahead, Romney acknowledged that Trump would continue to have influence over the Republican Party, but hinted at new voices that he believed could determine the direction the party went. He specifically mentioned Maryland Government Larry Hogan, Massachusetts Government, Charlie Baker. , And sensors. Ben Sasse, R-Neb, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Romney was also important to Biden. While the new president has called for unity, Romney said that some of his executive functions during the first days of administration have been divisive.

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“I think there are some actions being taken by the president that are going to give rise to some anger and division,” Romney said. “I think, for example, we are saying that we will not allow further leasing on government land for oil and gas, which obviously affects our rural communities very badly. The Keystone Pipeline Stopping, which puts a lot of people out of work. ” People are very angry. “

Romney said that Biden should be careful not to “do things that are a big reason for unnecessary anger.”

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