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Why does STB threaten you with fines even for those traveling with a subscription? "If it is validated, we will offer quality, we will have time to wash the vehicles".

Soon, all people traveling on public transport from Bucharest have to validate their travel card, including those with a subscription. Otherwise, he would be liable for a fine of 150 lei.

Taking into account that when you buy your subscription you practically pay for public transport, we ask ourselves what is the logic of validating it every time we use the bus, the tram or the trolleybus. Especially, at almost any time, the means of public transport are busy and reaching the validator is a true adventure.

Sources of the Transport Society of Bucharest (ex RATB) informed us that the measure was taken to improve the quality of public transport.

More specifically, say the sources cited, when all people traveling on public transport validate the card, it will be possible to know exactly which routes are more full and within what time interval.

And, in this way, the number of vehicles on these routes will be added.

"All travelers, whether they are free or not, must have a transport card to validate." The logic of validation is as follows: We are a company now and we are based on the principle of efficiency, and we need to know exactly what demand and supply consist of. Per hour, online.

And to know exactly what the demand is, we need to validate all trips, know where the greatest demand is, reallocate in real time and use the vehicles as needed, so that people are not overpopulated and are not validated, but can be validated We can not make an efficient service and a service to offer some quality standards without knowing exactly what the transport demand is at any time to cover it."STB sources told Ziare.com.

In addition, we promise that after validating our subscriptions, we will no longer travel with dirty means of transport, because "we will have time to wash them".

"Some rules must be followed, and the level of service quality will automatically increase." Over time, There will be no dirty trams, dirty buses, we will have time to wash them.It is different when you can manage them according to your demand and offer.

"There will be no more empty buses in areas where there is no demand and other overloads that will be broken and destroyed," the STB sources said.

New rules for retirees.

At the same time, according to the new regulation, retirees must also subscribe. At this time, they are running on the basis of the pension bill and the identification card.

"According to the old law, the pensioner had to resort to the pension card and the identification card, now we need to release the cards.

There are 500,000 retirees, we will start launching next year and we will probably last all year, because there are many, and if we pile up the ticket offices, they will not be able to buy or charge other subscribers. There will be huge queues and blockages in sales.

A solution is sought to free these retirement plans. "There are revolutionaries, there are descendants of those who died in the Revolution, veterans, people with disabilities," the sources told us.

The new regulation will take effect next year and only after a large information campaign, representatives of the Bucharest Transport Company said in a press release published by Ziare.com.

"With respect to the obligation to validate the cards by all holders, including subscribers or free subscribers, STB SA declares that the application of the sanctioning measures will be carried out only after all the beneficiaries of this type of cards are in their possession. and only after they have been properly informed and familiarized with the operation of the automatic toll system.

At the same time, STB SA affirms that its policy is not to sanction fraudulent travel, but to increase public awareness of the fact that each of us depends on the quality of public transport in Bucharest. There will be other measures that will create civilized transportation conditions and demonstrate the attachment of STB SA to its customers, "the statement said.

According to the new regulation of the public transport service in Bucharest and Ilfov, the fine for the trip without card validation in STB will increase to 500 lei.

They will also receive a fine of 100 lei and those who take a seat with their luggage and do not pay a ticket for that place.

Whoever receives the fine can get rid of paying only half the amount in a maximum of 48 hours or can pay in excess 50 lei.

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