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Why do you vomit the baby? What parents need to do

Why Do They Spill The Child? Babies vomit for various reasons. Although it is always worrying for mothers and quite unpleasant for babies, regurgitation is not a serious problem.

The vomiting is something different than when the baby spits the food in the mouth, which he does after eating. When the baby spits, everything is done effortlessly, without seeming to have an upset stomach. If he vomits, you will want to find out the cause to confirm that the baby is not in danger and to help him feel more comfortable

Watch carefully to see if your baby has other symptoms to know when to call your doctor if the baby has vomiting

Among the possible causes of other birth defects are:

Why vomit the baby # 1. Indigestion or over-eating

During the first few months of life, the baby will vomit because of food problems such as over-feeding or indigestion. A rare cause is allergy to milk proteins.

Why vomit the baby # 2. A Viral or Bacterial Infection

Once the baby has completed a few months,

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