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What is customized osteotomy? The first personalized osteotomies, performed under the guidance of dr. Ortoped Vlad Predescu | Health | Avantaje.ro

 personalized osteotomy

Dr. Vlad Predescu, primary orthopedic physician and traumatologist

Personalized osteotomy mainly addresses patients in the 30-60 year-old group who suffer from chronic ligament breakage, incipient arthrosis lesions or constitutional or knee deformities . More specifically, we refer to those people who have the so-called "football knee" (easily cracked, using a popular term).

July brought a national premiere in Romanian orthopedy – the first two personalized osteotomies were performed in our country by the team led by orthopedic surgeon Vlad Predescu.

Regenerative medicine gains ground

If it does not intervene in time to correct this dislocation from the knee, the immediate effect is an increased degradation of articular cartilage, which will lead to compromise irreparable knee and finally to the need for to replace the entire joint by endoprosthesis. Practically, osteotomy is part of surgical techniques that attempt to save or delay the degradation of the articular cartilage

Read and Dr. Vlad Predescu, orthopedic-traumatology primary physician, about the most common bone problems

Sometimes, it is necessary to associate the reconstruction techniques of ligament and at ] Of articular cartilage regeneration, along with osteotomy. All these procedures, carried out simultaneously or successively, are part of the new regenerative medicine concept which aims at maintaining the knee health up to a very old age, so that patients be active and safely deploy

Personalization increases success

Modern medicine has evolved enormously by introducing navigational and robotic planning techniques, either preoperatively or intraoperatively. These have led to the emergence of implants that are very close to the individual anatomy of each patient with increased exercise resistance.

Performance can be achieved by using the latest plate designs that allow the patient to resume support on knee operated immediately after surgery surgical This is extremely important not only for the shortening of the recovery period, but also through the social rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the patients .

Classical technique involves the immobilization in a gypsum apparatus and crutches for a period of about two months, since [19659908] the intervention allows partial resumption of support the next day

 personalized osteotomy

3D Reconstruction of the Operated Knee

Personalized osteotomy has two clear advantages: much less pain after surgery and much more precise technique. The last is necessary since the cold difference between a good result and a mediocre one is very fine. Thus, an error greater than two degrees may result in a lower result.

It is easy to understand that such a deviation can not be perceived by the surgeon's eye, however experienced he is. Therefore, it needs different tools to get the desired result. Innovation is the introduction of personalized guides that are built on the anatomy of each patient. They contain all the mechanical information and guide the surgeon's hand so that the deviations are minimal.

These instruments are constructed following a computed tomography complex e. is is is is is . On this rendition, I get sur and simulate the intervention and the surgical to be chosen the best man.

After the surgical plan is performed, the 3D prints of the guides are taken, and the bones of the bones are made and the plaque fixed, so that surgical errors are avoided. This technique is extremely precise and allows simultaneous interventions such as the reconstruction of cartilage with artificial membranes or the reconstruction of the ligament and 19659014] The Benefits Of Customized Osteotomy

"We want these new techniques to become a standard in pre-articular knee surgery. It is clear that we can alter the natural evolution of osteoarthritis, but only if our patients understand that they need to come to the consultation in advance.

With the help of the medicine of 2018, the disability caused by these conditions is no longer an option. Patients can begin to practice sports and have an active life in a very short time after surgery, which is really gratifying, because the knee pain disappears after these interventions "concludes Dr. Vlad Predescu, a primary physician orthopedics-traumatology

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