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The reason why Răzvan Simion did not know Lidia Buble's father: "He's afraid of …"

Although she lived a love story for years, Lidia Buble did not introduce her lover to her father. The artist confessed why he has not done it yet.

"I want to meet with you men or wives with whom you will remain all your life, I want to know when you have decided to ask for marriage." Our lives are so exposed that they know everything Razvan has met 80% of my family. But they did not know him so face to face, somehow he's afraid of my father, Dad is a very strong man and he's very determined, Razvan respects this a lot, I told him you should read the Bible first, because my father She's a pastor, I'm sure she'll be in love, explained Lidia Buble, for LIVE! (SEE Y: LIDIA BUBLE, EFFERVESCENT DISCUSSION ON JOHNNY DEPP, MADE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE ACTOR AND ONE OF ITS PARTS THAT RĂZVAN SIMION DOES NOT KNOW)

Lidia Buble and Razvan Simion did not get married in the Maldives!

Just a few months ago, Răzvan Simion and Lidia Buble spent a dream vacation. When he was in Maldives, the television host posted a photo on his Instagram account, which generated many questions. In the image appeared the artist dressed in a white dress and on her head wearing a crown made of natural flowers. (READ: BURDA LIDIA, RADICAL TRANSFORMATION AFTER HIS CELEBRATED NAS … AT PHOTOSHOP HOW DOES SIMZVAN LOVE SIMION AMA NOW)

And immediately there were rumors that the two would have married! When leaving the holidays, Lidia Buble explained how things were between her and Răzvan Simion. (Participate and earn $ 10,000 per month!)

"We just played our girlfriend and boyfriend. It is your port there in the Maldives. The white scarf that everyone gave us when we arrived. You caught me turning and now I have to leave the house. You know that after returning from vacation, I was at home in Deva, I went to see my family because they missed me.

The first thing my dad did was take me to a room and tell me to show his hands, he received a phone call. He told me that the world called him and congratulated him because his daughter had been married and he was trapped. We still do not have anything prepared or planned for the wedding. I do not want to rush things. I do not want to force anything."Lidia Buble said at a television station. (The best videochat studio in Bucharest is hiring)

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