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"The Bucharest Court of Appeals sends Fiesa home"

The Court of Appeals of Bucharest decided to annul all the founding decisions of the 22 municipal companies. This decision will result in a failure of the career of the mayor of the general, Gabriela Firea, considered independent deputy Remus Borza.

"Since April I have said that the municipal holding is a major obstacle for the citizens of Bucharest, who will pay more for worse services and that, in reality, these companies were created to extract several hundred million euros annually from the municipal budget and loyalty and a massive vote of voters to obtain a new mayor's mandate As a result of this judicial ruling, Gabriela Firea runs out of money and without votes, so there is no possibility of a new mandate while she does not do anything for Bucharest, to scrape the money of the taxpayers in the electoral events ", Remus Borza, independent deputy, writes in his blog.

The deputy wrote on April 2 that the creation of the 22 municipal companies should be verified by the Competition Council and the European Commission body, namely DG Competition, in terms of respecting and complying with the competition law and show that only the salaries fund for the 22 companies The municipal budget is 372 million lei per year. This, given that the salary fund of the City of Bucharest, where there are about 2000 employees with subordinate units, amounts to 377 million lei.

"Gabriela Firea justifies the creation of municipal tenure through the Viennese example, but she does not say that the participation of the municipality of Vienna is working in the public-private partnership, which means that the Vienna holding company attracts money. of the market of banks and investment funds, but this demands efficiency, competence, experience, transparency and competitiveness Unfortunately, the municipal companies of the 22 municipal mayors were destined to spend only the taxpayers' money, "Remus Borza wrote.

"The administration of Bucharest must be rethought on the ground, the 6 municipalities together with the City of Bucharest spend more than 2 billion euros annually." However, the city of Bucharest is far from being a European capital from the point of view of view of the utilitarian and transport infrastructure, from the urban, cultural, administrative and citizen satisfaction point of view For a more efficient administration of public money, we should dismantle the sectoral town councils and turn Bucharest into the metropolis. encourages the theft and waste of public money, "writes Remus Borza.

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