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Spotify was officially launched in Romania. What is the price of the Premium monthly subscription

With a global community of over 159 million members, Spotify offers in Romania both a free version, supported by advertising content, but also a higher version, based on a monthly subscription. Users can listen to their favorite songs for free or can switch to Spotify Premium for 4.99 euro per month, about $ 23.

Spotify offers the opportunity to search, discover, make playlists and build their own music collection, favorite content to friends. Spotify is coming to Romania today to offer a selection of local and international titles, reunited in a database of more than 35 million songs, available to both free and pre-paid users [19659002] Personalized Playlists

On Spotify you can find your favorite music, no matter what your taste or mood. Users in Romania have instant access to a variety of global playlists, made up of experts and constantly updated, but they can also discover millions of international playlists belonging to Spotify or other music lovers

One of the main Spotify is the personalization that lets fans find their favorite music in an easy way but also discover new songs and artists based on their preferences and the way they listen to music. When a new user joins the Spotify community, he is invited to a process called 'Onboarding Keys' that helps Spotify better understand the music he / she appreciates.

Personalized search including options such as Daily Mix (a series of playlists combining favorite songs with news that might be to the liking of the user), Release Radar (a playlist of new songs based on the most listened artists, updated content Discover Weekly (a playlist created according to user-specific habits, available soon) brings favorite music closer than ever

Spotify also offers

  • ] Playlists dedicated to musical genres or moods: From the Browse section, a variety of playlists such as Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Gaming, Sleep, Dinner, Kids, Focus can be selected
  • High quality audio content – up to 320 kbit / s
  • Upper accessibility through Spotify Connect – Uses Spotify on speakers, TV or in the car
  • Integration allowing content to be distributed through Facebook or Twitter, and Messenger (in-app)
  • Collaborative playlists can be made or distributed via Facebook Messenger
  • Favorite songs or playlists can be distributed from the application
  • Global Music Rankings.
  • Music available anytime: Spotify runs on both mobile and laptop, PC or tablet, Xbox or PlayStation

Globally, Spotify has changed the way artists and music lovers interact. Artists want their music to be known, and Spotify has made it popular among millions of people around the world.

In addition, Spotify has brought over 8 billion euros to the music industry since its launch in 2008 Spotify will be available in 65 markets around the world

You can now download the app through Google Play or App Store by visiting www.spotify.com

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