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"Romania, as you have not read it" at the Paris Book Salon

More than 50 recent titles, as well as translations from Romanian authors published with the support of the National Book Center within the ICR, will be presented at the Paris Book Salon. The program of the stand provides 22 events, with the participation of writers, translators, editors, diplomats, including 15 guests from Romania. There will be presented the last translations in French financed by ICR through the National Book Center (CENNAC), as well as the books of the Romanian authors published by French publishers in the last year: not less than 28 titles published last year in France, translations from Romanian or signed by Romanian authors of French expression.

The program of events includes two new thematic axes, two Romanian publishing segments little known in France, but with a certain competitive value on the editorial market. They are Romanian authors and illustrators for children, forming an editorial field with a remarkable evolution in Romania: Cristina Andone, Victoria Patrascu, and Ramona Bădescu, author of Albin Michel Jeunesse, will share their Franco-Romanian experiences and will together with Chloé Becqueriaux and Lénaïc Constanti, organize a children's workshop. A second new editorial segment for Romania's stand is represented by Romanian comic strip and Romanian literature in the form of BD, such as the recent volume "Istrati, tome 1: Le vagabond", signed by Golo and published by Actes Sud

The authors of some appearances of great interest will be present at the Romanian stand at the meeting with the audience: Basarab Nicolescu and Louis Monier with the album Les Roumains de Paris (Éditions Michel de Maule ), Doina Lemny with his recent books Correspondance Brancusi-Duchamp (Éditions Diletca) and Brancusi et Marthe – Ou L'histoire d'amour entre Tantan et Tonton (Fage Éditeur) and Savatie Baştovoi with the novel Les Enseignements d'une ex-prostitué à son fils translated by Laure Hinckel (Éditions Jacqueline Chambon).

Other notable titles appearing in France and signed by Romanian authors, or Romania, which will be on the stand of our country are: Le Poids d'ange by Eugen Uricaru, trad. Marily Le Nir (Éditions Noir sur Blanc), L'Été ou maman a eu les yeux verts by Tatiana Ţîbuleac (Éditions des Syrtes), Who is computed to heureux longtemps by Irina Teodorescu (Éditions Gaïa), La douce histoire du triste éléphant by Diana Adamek, trad. Rodica Baconsky and Alina Pelea (Éditions Rafael de Surtis), Philosophie et nation, Les Roumains entre question nationale et pensée occidentale au XIX siècle de Cécile Folschweiller (Éditions Champion), by Andreia Roman & Cécile Folschweiller (Éditions Non Lieu)

We also mention the presentation of some recent translations by some established Romanian authors: A morte plan by Bogdan Costin (Éditions Autrement), by Cătălin Pavel (Éditions Non Lieu) and Le siège de Vienne by Horia Ursu (XENIA Éditions), translated by Florica Courriol, ] Le journal de Dracula by Marin Mincu, trad. Dominique Ilea (XENIA Éditions), Le dictateur qui ne voulait pas mourir de Bogdan Teodorescu, trad. George Banu

Academician, theatrologist and art critic George Banu will be speaking on Sunday March 18 with Marie – Neohelle Semet, lecturer at Sorbonne Paris IV, around his volume, Les Portes au coeur de l'intime, after the Romanian version of the book, The Door, an intimate geography was published last year by Nemira Publishing House, in collaboration with ICR, at the National Theater Festival

Important names of Romanian literature and culture will be on the Romanian stand at Livre Paris, among them Virgil Tanase, George Banu, Dumitru Preda, Tudor Banuş, Dumitru Ţepeneag, Doina Lemny, Dodo N Gabriel Badea-Păun, Magda Cârneci

Romanian and foreign writers, translators , but also edito Frenchmen such as Eugen Uricaru, Vintila Mihailescu, Bogdan Ghiu, Horia Ursu, Irina Teodorescu, Catalin Pavel, Claudiu Komartin, Silvia Colfescu, Ana Antonescu, Sebastian Reichmann, Michel Carassou, Marily le Nir, Jean-Louis Courriol, Cecil Folschweiller, Nicolas Trifon , Laure Hinckel, Thierry de la Croix

In the Paris Book Salon will be launched in France and two volumes dedicated to Gellu Naum after celebrating in 2015 the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet: Gellu Naum 100, trad. Catherine Răducanu, Luba Jurgenson and Sebastian Reichmann (ICR Publishing House) and La Voie du Serpent by Gellu Naum, trad. Sebastian Reichmann (Édition Non lieu). This year, ICR continues its partnership with the LIBRIS library in Braşov, which will bring 400 titles to Paris.

"The great Romanian presence at this edition of the Paris Book Salon is under the sign of the confluence of our great 2018 projects: The Centenary of the Great Union Season France France. We also mark a quarter of a century since our country joined the International Organization of Francophonie. It is a new and good opportunity to highlight the affinities with the French space, defining the modern Romanian culture, and to commemorate the great Romanian personalities who have fulfilled their destiny in France. Of course, I am thinking of the famous triad: Emil Cioran, Eugen Ionescu and Mircea Eliade – which we find in the extraordinary photographs signed by Louis Monier, whose album will be released today at Livre Paris – but also to so many creators remarkable today. Even the slogan of our participation in Livre Paris 2018 – Romania, as you have never read it – paraphrases a formula of Matei Vişniec, a Romanian-French reference writer. I am also convinced that the special design with a unitary and well-defined concept of Romania's stand at Livre Paris 2018 will not go unnoticed, "said ICR President, Ms Liliana Ţuroiu.

" This edition of the Book Salon in Paris will end on March 19, with a large event: the Voyage en Francophonie concert, which will take place under the High Patronage of the Secretary General of the Francophonie, His Excellency Mrs. Michael Michael.

On this occasion, we are honored to we announce that ICR will award honorary distinctions to Romanian and French culture personalities, Vladimir Cosma, Viorica Cortez, George Banu, Doina Lemny, Dana Ciocârlie, Vasile Şirli, Jacques-François l'Oiseleur des Longchamps, Louis Monier and Jean-Yves Conrad , Elites who, through their entire activity, promote the values ​​of our country's culture in the world, "the ICR president underlines.

Liliana Ţuroiu and Doina Lemny

This year, at Livre Paris 2018, Russia is a country of honor. At its 38th edition, the Paris Book Salon was created in 1981. In 2016, the Salon du Livre became Livre Paris, dedicated to editorial professionals – publishers, literary agents, distributors and book sellers France and the world, also open to the general public. With a total of 1,200 exhibitors from over 50 countries, with 3,000 authors present at over 800 events and an estimated 150,000 visitors, the Porte de Versailles salon enjoys maximum visibility in French media

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