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Researchers have found the lost "sister" of our galaxy

The study by Richard D'Souza and Eric Bell, from the Department of Astronomy at Michigan University, and recently published in Nature Astronomy, found that M32p was the sister of our galaxy

M32p was the massive galaxy Andromeda's use of computer simulations, scientists have been able to understand that although many satellite galaxies have been consumed by Andromeda, many of the stars from the outside of the galaxy came from the devil of a single galaxy.

The M32p galaxy, which was assimilated by Andromeda, was at least 20 times larger than any galaxy that merged with the Milky Way. M32p was massive, making it the third largest galaxy in the Local Group after Andromeda and the Milky Way.

The study helps solve a mystery: the formation of M32, Andromeda's satellite galaxy, suggesting that the dense and compact galaxy is the center that survived the Sister Milky Way, the M32p galaxy.

"M32 is weird. Although it looks like an old elliptical galaxy, it has many young stars. It is one of the most compact galaxies in the Universe. There is no galaxy like that, "Bell said.

The study may also change the traditional understanding of how galaxies evolve. They realized that the Andromeda disk survived the impact with a massive galaxy, which casts doubt on the theory that such interactions would destroy the discs and form an elliptical galaxy.

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