RESEARCH // UPDATE Gabi Tamaş, held until Sunday! Furred INCREDIBLE with Romanian footballer players

  • Beno Co-ordinator David is in Israel and gives the latest information about the situation of a Romanian football player! The journalist attended the Petah Tikva Tribunal at Tamas meetings.
UPDATE 21:15

Police in Petah Tikva re-turned to a judge and they managed to keep the first decision home. Gabriel Tamas will therefore be held in the department until Sunday. T

The Romanian defender was getting the news even when he was preparing to go home.

Tamaş, final appointment? The film of events which caused the Romanian to be involved in Israel when the punishment was imposed


The police appealed to the original sentence but it was dismissed by the judges. So, at 19:00, Gabriel Tamas will be involved in house arrest.

A former Yoav Katz employer, in the United States, said the club was very angry, not only on Tamas, but also on the other players, but especially the sports director. T it was set up by the party. He will return to Israel next week to discuss what happened to Hapoel's coach, but will give this opportunity to clarify.

The court in Petah Tikva was full of journalists today, and they have only collected many to the footballer's penalty after being caught drinking two days ago.

Transported by police, Tamas appeared in court around 13:00. Avoiding statements and the handlebars.

The exam lasted an hour and 45 minutes, a table and it was written about 14:45, Romania's time: Tamas was put under legal control and, until a new decision was made, spent the following days in home custody.

Current US employee Yoav Katz said the club was very confused not only with Tamas, but also with the other players and especially the director. T They allowed the Romanian defender to drink. He will return to Israel in the future and have a clear discussion with Tamas.

General Court proceedings: t

updated 14:45

Noam Reghev, Hapoel Haifa's news officer said only for Gazeta Sporturilor that Gabi Tamas will be arrested at home (starting as a judge).

updated 14:40

Tamaş left the room with 3 policemen surrounded, but the decision is confidential. Tamas's lawyer did not pass on statements when he left the courtroom.

updated 14:30

Gabi Tamas has now left the hearings, but no one wished to give a definitive answer. Current journalists expect Tamas's lawyers to report. One hour lasted 45 minutes for listening to Tamaş, a registered man.

updated 13:49

Footballer Joanne entered the room. Like the club's news officer, Joana is a witness.

updated 13:45

The Hapoel Haifa team have now joined the drama hall and press officer. It takes place of evidence.

Tamaş left the car at her head of a year with director Oren Sterling.

updated 13:15

According to, the lawyer was hiring the club to ask for the examination to be held in a camera. Tamas' wife, the club's paper officer and the Oren Sterling team are waiting for the sheriff's decision.

Update 12:50

The police brought Gabi Tamaş to court, where he appeared through a discrete area, far from the eyes of the wonder. There are also many media representatives in the foreground, where officers from Hapoel Haifa are also present.

updated 12:40

The Tamas process is of great interest in Israel. Dozens of journalists and photographers gathered in front of his justice

updated 12:30

The court case is not heard in a normal court, but in court where accidents of speed, alcohol or traffic are settled. For now, Tamaş did not bring the judges to the judges!

At 12:00, Gabi Tamas finds out about the penalty for his last adventure when he faces the Petah Tikva judges.

Tamas didn't have any insurance!

According to, Tamaş may cause more serious problems and the police have found another disorder when they stopped it: the Roman footballer had no motor insurance policy, a serious crime in Israel, where he is in danger of another damn accident.

He fell on foot!

Soon after his stop, the police moved to the place and asked Tamaş to go out of his car when the football player discovered alcoholic drinks.

Other than that, appearing in Gazeta sources the delegates invited Tams to try to get a few meters, but Tamas couldn't stand and fall!

Similar images are unearthed in the legendary golf player Tiger Woods. In 2017, he'd been driving, holding his legs hard when the police asked him to walk just on a signal t.


  • Tamas grows to Hapoel Haifa, a one-hour town from Petah Tikva.
  • Romanian's international scale of 205 km / h worked in part where the border was only 90.
  • The police stopped him after a few miles. The actors had been able to stop the car and stop alcohol when they reached the driver's window.
  • Police Tamas took him down and, following the tests on the spot, caused a mass of obscured alcohol by 0.77 mg / l, three times higher in t Israel.
  • Because he was a drinker and was captured by the radar far above the legal distance, Gabi could only be escaped with a very large fine and the preserved card. However, he would not have obtained access to a suspended prison.

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