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OPINIE | Lelia Munteanu: Trump thinks he can apply to Iran the North Korea recipe

After threatening him harshly, the president of the United States is asking the Iranians for a meeting.

 Image of the article OPINIE | Lelia Munteanu: Trump thinks he can apply Iran's North Korea recipe

OPINIE | Lelia Munteanu: Trump thinks he can apply to North Korea's recipe

It's been only a week since President Donald J. Trump argued Iran with fire and rage, threatening "apocalyptic" consequences and, to be

Yesterday, at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, he returned as a Washington: he is ready to see his Iranian counterpart any time without preconditions. "It's good for the country, good for them, good for us and good for humanity. No pre-conditions. If [iranienii] want to meet, I meet (…). I think they will probably want to want to meet us. And do not make this call out of force or weakness. I think it is necessary to do it. "

I did not see Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in this unexpected statement, but I do not doubt that his face fell

It took a few hours to get it and head to a television station (CNBC), trying to trick Trump's statement. In an interview with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, the head of the US diplomacy gave it a nuance, all the more so, personally and very tightly, he had grasped, not long ago, to declare that a possible high-level meeting between Washington and Tehran will not be possible until the regime of "hypocritical clerics" has gone through some changes. Pompeo had even removed about twelve mandatory conditions, a few days earlier, as the boss's steady genius to shake it all up. He scolded, unconvincingly and uselessly: "If the Iranians demonstrate their commitment to making fundamental changes in the way they treat their own citizens, if they reduce their malignant behavior, I can agree that it is useful to get in, a nuclear agreement that prevents proliferation. Then the president said he was ready to sit down and have a dialogue with them. " Pretending he did not understand Donald Trump's clear message – "without preconditions," the former head of the CIA just managed to induce the public opinion that between the President and his Secretary of State there were flagrant inconsistencies. It is not hard to infer that, as happened a week ago with Twitter threats, today, when it seems to have a meeting with the Iranians, the White House leader has not consulted anyone. At least not who should have been the subject of it.

Iran is not North Korea, even if Trump applies the same, rudimentary recipe. President Hassan Ruhani, who was directly targeted, was even less than the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, who is mocking his joy, always reminding the President that he has prevented him from signing the Nuclear Arrangement in 2015

The Tehran has mandated him to respond to the offer of the President of the United States to the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, who declined the invitation: with the current Administration, which does not provide guarantees of trust, the possibility of a dialogue is quasi-impossible.

It's the second time that Iran refuses to talk with America's Trump. The first time happened last year. After the vehement attacks on Tehran and the anti-Iranian rage at the UN desk, Donald J. Trump made President Ruhani a discreet proposal for an expert meeting.

The refusal was equally categorical.

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