New kitchen every year? Ikea allows buyers buy their furniture

Swedish furniture maker is currently studying a furniture repossession program in Japan, and # 39; Let retailers back to their furniture company that used instead to be abolished by another means. Ikea can then make a decision to recycle the furniture or even reuse some of the parts.

In the same way, a furniture rental certification program is similar to making more accessible furniture accessible and more suited to those who are frightened, the ones with flavors that do it. constantly changing or with lots of moving things from one place to another.

Its first rental for the largest furniture makers started in the world this month in Switzerland and more furniture, Agerpres writes.

"When the lease is over, you will return your furniture and you can rent something else. Instead of throwing those items away, we can rebuild and sell, & # 39; expanding the life cycle of the materials, "Torbjorn Loof, Inter IKEA's general manager for Financial Times explained.

Inter General Manager IKEA said that the tests would mean to be a including office furnishings to business users, saying that kitchen furniture could be focused on being offered for recruiting the place to be sold.

"It can be said that it's another way to fund a kitchen in a shirt. When this global model is active, we have a bigger interest not only to sell but also to see what is happening with this product and that the user is responsible, "said Torbjorn Loof.

The Telegraph says that even a baby can be rented at one time.

Leasingas Furniture is part of the IKEA strategy to develop a round business model that not only sells products but also being brought back to create new things. According to Torbjorn Loof, IKEA has to reduce its carbon footprint by 15% by 2030.

In a speech by the Davos World Economic Forum, ICEa, Insecting Chief Executive of Brodin, suggested that it is an attempt to have a company with; keeping up with the ever changing need and customer development. "If the last decades have been a big deal, we are now moving to a great degree of attack," he said, emphasizing the need for economic "Circular" as well as the traditional interactive relationship between business and customer.

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