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Moonlight eclipse, hidden from the clouds in Oradea

A mischief for the 200 orators who gathered on Friday night in the city of the city to observe the most awaited astronomical phenomenon of the year. Because of the clouds, the locals were unable to follow the full moon eclipse, the longest of the 21st century

. The eclipse lasted an hour and 42 minutes, but the whole phenomenon of passing the natural satellite through the shadow of Earth consumed in about 4 hours. The eclipse was seen from every corner of the globe, of course where weather conditions allowed it to happen.

However, Meridian Club representatives were provided with two telescopes through which they could observe other

Nicoleta Pazmany president of Meridian Zero Astroclub: "There are two eclipses of the Moon every year, but rarely we can see a total eclipse and an eclipse of a duration as great as that evening. They were able to see the planet Venus that has already sunset at 22 o'clock. Now people look at Jupiter, the largest planet, and they can see both Jupiter and the four satellites he saw and Galileo. "

Reporter: Claudiu Mihuţ
 Operator: Ticu Gheorghiţă


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