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Modex rewards programmers who learn to program in Blockchain

Of start
Romanian company that created the first blockchain market in the world, Modex.
announces the launch of a series of free tools to help
Programmers develop much more easily in blockchain, and reward first
1,000 programmers enroll in the 1,000,000 token platform.

Modex has launched a reward program for the first 1,000 programmers who
Join the Modex Marketplace and learn how to create applications
decentralized (DApps). They will receive 1,000 chips
Register for the use of programming tools from the Modex platform.
In addition, the programmers that will be highlighted by their integrated applications
He had the opportunity to join the Modex development team to create
Customized solutions for corporate clients in the company.

We operate globally, but we know there are many in Romania.
talented programmers, so during this time we focused so much on
Recruit young talents locally and get feedback.
relevant to those for whom we build these tools, "Alin said.
Iftemi, Technical Director of Modex.

"The objective
Our Modex Marketplace is to make the infrastructure available to the market.
needed to integrate the benefits of blockchain technology with
The application help to solve real-life problems, "added Alin.

Behind the blockchain technology, its versatility allows it to be
application in various industries such as medical system, voting system,
Database administration, financial domain, and more. technology
Blockchain also offers the advantage of fast and transparent transactions.
No need for intermediaries. For example, a contract was extended through
blockchain can not be changed in the agreed way, it can not be altered and
It does not need intermediaries to implement it.

It is a market for Applications
decentralized (DApps)
, built to provide the benefits of technology.
Blockchain in everyday life connecting developers with potential
customers. Modex works as a technology folder between developers and
Beneficiaries, providing much faster and easier access to the implementation.
Smart contracts

the objective
Modex is globally providing a diverse portfolio of applications that
I use the innovative blockchain technology, which brings together the developers.
Decentralized applications (DApps) together with their beneficiaries of the environment.
deal. In a world where distributed accounting technology – Blockchain –
gaining more ground, waiting for implementation in as many areas as possible
activity, the solutions provided by the programmers will be accessible.
purchased by companies without the need for specific knowledge of the block chain.

Application developers can sell their solutions through the Modex market,
Companies with different business areas can buy them directly or they can
command the development of special applications according to the needs with the help of
the new type functionality generosity in
that a Modex has recently launched.

to function as a center for blockchain applications, Modex Marketplace to
It started from a team of Romanian programmers and became a company.
With offices in London, Bucharest and from next year.
Silicon Valley The Modex team is formed.
now of specialists with experience in companies recognized as Oracle,
Microsoft, Temenos or Google.

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