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Gigi Becali will demand compensation of two million euros for the Army.

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Gigi Becali (60 years old) celebrated on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, after the Court of Appeals of Bucharest accepted the application for the Star brand by FCSB. and ordered that this case be tried from the beginning, even in the Court of Appeal. The owner is convinced that he will be in possession of the brand again, but he is not satisfied with that. Gigi Becali, who he is happy to be reconciled with his godfather Gica HagiHe also announced that he will ask the CSA Star Damages of two million euros!

The owner of Pipera is convinced that he will win the new court, especially because CSA Steaua could not re-establish the football section. In addition, the employer says that this whole process has caused him many damages, for which he wants to claim material damages.

"For now, I have not won anything, but what happened today is very important, because this case will be judged from now on and we will become Steaua again, because we have notoriety, they do not have it, and CSA Steaua also loses a 100,000 euros guarantee – the stamp tax They also lost 15,000 euros that I paid the lawyers as fees. "I'm losing the money for the team they're trying to promote in vain, but they can not be called Star anyway!", said Gigi Becali, exclusively for digisport.ro.

Gigi Becali: "In total you will lose 4 million, you pay for public money!"

In addition to the amount of money he will ask, Gigi Becali says that the Army will lose another two million euros. "We also ask for damages: two million euros that have hurt me, that did not come sympathizers, that created a European atmosphere, that sent all kinds of complaints to FIFA, to UEFA …

There are two million euros that I ask, plus another two million euros that they lose, so there is a total of 4 million euros, paid with public money! ", said Gigi Becali, for digisport.ro.

Florin Talpan says otherwise.

Florin talpan, the lawyer of the Army Sports Club (CSA) Steaua, reacted after Gigi Becali He said he won a great victory and will soon regain the "Steaua" brand. The businessman said that judges in the court of appeal They have admitted today the demand for red-blue as CSA Star be deprived of the rights of the brand and cancel it.

"STEAUA STAR / STEAUA BUCURESTI WE ARE IN THE STEAUA CLUB This is what the judges of the Court of Appeals of Bucharest decided today when, quoting from the portal, you can enjoy with us:" Dismiss the request of cancellation of bad faith of the national brand STEAUA BUCHAREST no. 72827, the request for revocation of the same trademark and the application for annulment of the national trademark STEAUA BUCUREŞTI nr. 130904. "

Among many other requests, FCSB lawyers have requested the Court of Appeal of Bucharest and the Court of Appeal of Bucharest to annul the Steaua / Steaua Bucharest marks, due to the existence of bad faith in the filing of the application for registration and to the fact that the Steaua Bucharest Club brands were registered. in violation of the applicant's previous rights, derived from a well-known trademark of STEAUA and a STEAUA sign used in its commercial activity during the period 2003-2015, both acquired before the filing date of applications for registration of those subsequent trademarks.

As cited earlier by the Court of Appeal, the request of the FCSB lawyers was rejected.

The application of the FCSB lawyers was also rejected by the Court of Appeal to send to the ICCJ their request that the supreme court rule on certain articles of Act No. 84/1998 which, in the opinion of their lawyers, were illegal and unconstitutional. Quote the same in the portal: Rejects the ICCJ's objection request as inadmissible.

It is true that the appeal was admitted in part. But while the Steaua brand remains at home at the Steaua Army Sports Club, it does not matter ", argues Florin Talpan.

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