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Gigi also destroyed CFR! »Neighbors of Nelu Varga tell how Becali influenced the owner of Gruia

Article by – Andrei Crăiţoiu Wednesday, 01 August, 00:01

Becali became friends with Nelu Varga the owner of Cluj opinions on how to run a club. Next to the chief of Gruia, Iordanescu's livelihood came as a result of the influence of the palace.

The chaos of CFR Cluj was also created by Gigi Becali ! From a distance, because he has no concrete involvement in the club. Since leaving Borcea without Porumboiu without Marian Iancu, Gigi has found a new football friend: Nelu Varga, the CFR patron. The relationship is recent, they began to speak following a Becali initiative.

"You have to take the lead!"

The Stelist has come to sympathize with his rival, who has "breathed" his title last season. In public, he has "vowed" Varga for the very large investments in the last year, sums that can not be recovered soon if the team does not catch the groups of a European Cup. On the contrary, it will be new investments! "And how long will Nelutu consume the money?", Asked Gigi.

Near Varga's acquaintances know that the owner of Gruia has often talked to Gigi and suspects that the recent "massacre" in Cluj was also influenced by the palace. "Becali told her she was a sucker if she let employees do what they want." You have to take the lead, just do whatever you want, otherwise you can not go to football! How to lead others on your money? "" I am telling you about the club's sources. "

He regretted when he was calmed down

What followed was famous: Varga dismissed Edi Iordanescu after his defeat in Malmo 0 -1. In the evening after the game he decided to change the coach, annoyed by the result and the extremely poor performance of the team. After Edi signed the termination, Neluţu, as the club's owner in Cluj was reluctant, was reconsidered, advised by several players, some of them who had asked the technician to be kept.

"Do you want to stay?" asked Jordanescu. The coach told him that the pride prevented him from continuing, as his dismissal had already been announced in the press. The "meetings" with Becali had taken effect, and Varga sacrificed a technician whom he had regretted.

3 employees resigned due to the departure of Edward Iordanescu: Deputy Chairman Marian Copilu, sports director Bogdan Mara and Scouts Marius Bilaşco. Varga followed Becali's advice, deprived leadership

La Voluntari is an unofficial chief

The fact that Becali influences the going of things to another club is not a premiere. At Dinamo, he was a close friend of Borcea, to whom he was a godfather. Newer is an informal leader at Voluntari, where the club is headed by another fine, Mayor Pandele. The Ilfovers wanted to bring Costel Gâlca this summer, but gave up the plan as a result of Gigi's intervention, which has been in conflict with Gâlca since he kicked him out of FCSB because the technician did not follow all the orders in the lodge. Volunteer manager became Ioan Andone, another close of Becali lately. Ando is also Gigi's advisor on transfers.

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