Flu suffers to make new victims. Death balance reached 118

NEW The number of people who have died from influenza have reached 118, according to the latest information from the National Center for Control and Control of Disease Control within the National Institute of Public Health.

The last five people died from influenza virus from Timis, Arges, Prahova and Olt.

There are four 47-year-olds from Timis, 82 others from Arges and two from Prahova, 40, 68 years. Another death was recorded in Olt, a 81-year-old woman.

The record of this influenza deaths has come to 114. An Argeş 82-year-old man grew rapidly, announcing his Health Department. Public.

The man who lived in the communion of Steamain Mòr was spoken by flu and was confirmed by influenza AH1 virus.

According to communications issued by the Public Health Directorate of Finance on Wednesday, the fourth death was caused by a & # 39; flu in the county.

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