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Diseases that can be caused by sunburn

Despite warnings about the negative effects of sunburn, many people expose themselves in excess of the sun's blazing rays to get the much-wanted bronze or simply to enjoy the warm season as much as possible.

Dr. Laurenţiu Vlădau, a dermatologist specialist at the Hebra Dermatology Clinic, warns that the dangers associated with sunburn are more than cosmetic, so preventing their occurrence will help prevent future health problems as well as premature aging .

Sunburns, as opposed to thermal burns, cause damage to the skin before the appearance of redness

In other words, in the initial stages of the development of sunburn, the feeling of pain is very slight or even totally lacking, which is why many people get overexposed in the sun without taking into account the danger involved. It often happens that after a day spent at the beach, in the evening in the room, we shall be surprised to see the seriousness of the situation: the reddened skin, the tingling sensation and the skin that gathers – although during the day these symptoms were not felt to be present

What are sunburns

Sunburn is a clear sign that DNA in skin cells has been damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight. This phenomenon accelerates the aging of the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer.

"When the sunburn occurs, the skin becomes red and is accompanied by a feeling of pain. If the burn is severe, fluid vesicles can develop, and sometimes even chills, nausea, headaches and weakness may occur. A few days later, the skin will begin to peel off because the body is trying to eliminate the cells affected by the sun, "explains the dermatologist.

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