Because of the high level of antioxidants, this tea is balanced by blood pressure and cholesterol.

Rooibos Tea is a neo-chalori and caffeine flavor that is becoming more frequent and more frequent than green and black tea. If the sweet broom, flowers that remind you of the bones of the spines, is quickly turned to your favorite drink. You can arrange this tea in various ways, from the classic Ice Tea for hot days to hot hot, simply or add a cappuccino or espresso. The longer you leave Rooibos tea to take more time, the more tougher you get. You can simply drink it, and if you feel you have a sweet taste, you can add some milk or a little honey or maple syrup. Here are the benefits of Rooibos Health for Health:

1. Prevent heart disease and blood donation. Because of the high skeletons it has, Rooibos tea balances blood pressure, preventing pressure. It also reduces LDL "cholesterol" and increases HDL "type" of cholesterol. Under these circumstances, the best drink is to keep heart work and prevent heart disease.

2. It encourages iron. With black and green tea, Rooibos tea has a fairly tiny quality tea, part of it can last an end to iron. Rooibos tea is therefore very useful to prevent anemia and exclude the best possible amount of blood oxygen.

3. Reduce the risk of calculi depression. Unlike black and green tea, there is no oxalic acid in red tea. Too much oxalate increases the risk of black stones, so it is a good idea to choose this tea to protect your hooks.

4. Stop cancer. In Rooibos tea there are quercetin, a very powerful antioxidant that protects against viruses and microbes in the body, reduces in swell and bans the appearance of torrents and the expansion of cellular cells. T It protects cells against the free radical effects of radiation, which could affect DNA and cancer.

5. Regulating blood sugar and preventing obesity. Red tea has red tea, a substance that reduces the hormones associated with stress, causes a collection of natural materials, removes hunger and sparks their creation. With this drink you will keep your motivation to control and prevent further notes. And it also blocks the shift of blood glucose, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and provides the energy you need at any time of the day. origin

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