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AppSeed, the startup funded by the GapMinder investment fund, launches, a platform that integrates webdesign, web hosting and support services with the help of Hosterion partner. Customers who will order a website from will receive the web hosting option from Hosterion and will be able to choose their desired domain. Web hosting, design and technical support services are available as a package

"The partnership with HOSTERION has been essential to delivering in one product all the services needed to deliver a turnkey website. For the design part we already have a partnership with Creative-Tim

com and the hosting layer was the missing link in this equation, "said Adrian Chirilov, founder of AppSeed

" The platform sale process is the next : the client chooses a website model, specifying if he / she wants the hosting service and support, and after the payment is completed, the website is automatically activated. The personalization of the website is made largely by the client by editing the visual elements and through the automatically generated administrator module ", added Chirilov.

At this moment, on the Web siteMarketclients can choose the Corporate, eCommerce site product) or blogging. Prices start from 99 euros and go up according to the chosen design and related services such as real-time support or hosting duration

"AppSeed instantly creates an incipient web application and saves a few days of work that would have had a much higher cost. The time needed to launch a website or web application, that time to market that is crucial to the success of any business, is dramatically reduced. HOSTERION brings to this partnership the international infrastructure, the 14-year experience in this field and the 24-hour technical assistance service. Customers benefit from such innovation and stability for their online projects, "said Adrian Andreias, founder and general manager of HOSTERION.

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