Antonin Ristei was burnt by Antena 1. Ideas of the reporter

Florin Ristei started on Facebook after burning Antena. 1. From 1 March, the "Friends 11" exhibition is removed from its program record. If Diana Munteanu is involved in other sponsorship projects, Florin Ristei is left.

The reporter wants to avoid "unsuitable" phones (which addresses questions from journalists or friends) and has responded to this decision.

I am here for someone who is interested in, to go to # 39; avoid all types of phone and quieter issues. From March 1, the "Caraidean 11" exhibition comes out of the Antena program cluster. After 2 years of broadcasting, I chose to change something, so I'm going to change it; go away. He was a fierce victim of a professional production team with Diana Munteanu because I did not know and with that, I say, we have made a very good team and a context in which I was a good feeling , I was going to Speak what I wanted and what I'm proud of. "

At the same time, Florin Ristei names his fans and still watch Diana Munteanu.

"You can watch Diana in the form of another Antenna 1, but instead, I'm relaxing and I look at what I'm doing with FreeStay this time Please try again for 2 weeks at 11 o'clock, see our other events, or online at any time: D ", Florin Ristei published on his social account.

What is the place of the show that is given by Florin Ristei?

Antena 1 has made changes to the grid. So start with the 6 hour Workplace and will have another representative. Razvan and Dani will be exhibited from 8 to 12 an hour later. At the 12th Anniversary of the 1 new Tree Tree Antenna.

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