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Roman Reigns enters the Elimination Chamber as the prohibitive favorite of the main event WrestleMania 34

Get ready to boo and pick up the gallows. I'm going to write something that will not make many wrestling purists happy: it really is the garden of Roman Reigns.

I understand. Reading that last sentence just caused a massive pain and the immediate feeling that you have to go to social networks and react with great revenge and furious anger, but the truth is that Roman Reigns has been the key piece of the puzzle that has brought entertainment to fight fans in recent years.

While The Miz has often been the one who has conducted the greatest narratives lately, the action consistently ends in a different place. Show after concert closes with a match between Reigns and one or more of the best performers in the WWE, and fans night after night leave invested in the program, which is the best compliment for those who run the creative machine.

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Reigns hears the reactions, which we have discussed before, allow them to understand and know that he is fortunate to be in the center of the stage. For Reigns, professionally, this is the best possible.

"I'm always waiting for the opportunity to do something great," Reigns said a few days before the Elimination Chamber. "It's a big responsibility." Many times, in jest, I always say "someone has to do it, why do not I?"

Joking or not, the number of Reigns is often called and meets the high expectations of those around him. But Reigns is not someone to lie down and reflect on their work. There is simply no time.

"The hardest part is that it's going so fast, it's hard to really enjoy it and savor the great things you can achieve because there's no off-season," Reigns said. "There's no time to relax and realize that something was incredible or it was two months crazy or it was a crazy tour, it's a system and we're carrying out this exercise that just does not stop and, God willing, my body Hold on and I keep doing this as long as possible, because there is nothing like acting in front of this crowd that we have. "

Those crowds are often the most important critics of Reigns, but it is the constant emotional commitment that keeps him active and keeps him in the main event.

Will we see Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar once again at WrestleMania 34? Anthony Geathers for ESPN

To no one's surprise, Reigns will be in another main event on Sunday in the Elimination Chamber: the final pay-per-view of Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania. The winner of the final of seven men will get an opportunity in The universal championship of Brock Lesnar on the biggest stage that WWE can offer. If that winner is Reigns, and the game is the last on April 8, it would be the fourth consecutive WresteMania in which Reigns would appear in the closing game, making him the first person to achieve that feat since Hulk Hogan.

That's what it's all about … I broke my ass [to get to this point]"Reigns said." People can say whatever they want. I know my agenda. I know what I did. I know the different places and the different visits and workloads that I have done, but [WrestleMania] are our playoffs. It's our Super Bowl. This is where everything counts. You've been waiting for your birthday all year and here you capitalize. "

But first, there's Sunday's game.

The WWE Superstars are apparently an endless tour filled not only with parties, but with charitable initiatives, appearances In certain places, fighters have time to go out and explore the city.For Reigns, a recent stop in Tennessee gave him the opportunity to visit he visited the National Museum of Civil Rights.

"It was powerful," Reigns said of his visit. "We have to travel a lot, and sometimes I feel we've been everywhere, but we have not seen anything. But there have been times, for example, we could see the Colosseum in Rome and things like that, so there are some places where you can feel the electricity in the area or in the building and it definitely had that effect when we went to the Museum. Also, the Lorraine Hotel where Dr. King was murdered was also an enriching experience to be in that area given his history.

"There is so much to see and learn and be educated and a way to progress in your knowledge because knowledge is power.The more we know, the greater our chances of avoiding the same mistakes we made in the past."

"That will be the toughest Elimination Chamber of all time." I'm a little nervous, "Reigns said. When you get used to fighting in that ring, it's a little more forgiving than that steel, so you have all those different components that can really cause a lot of pain. I'm not looking forward [the pain part] but I'm waiting for the opportunity. "

Those who join Reigns within the contraption represent a large cross-section of WWE talent, from John Cena to Elias, these seven men are the current and future stars of the company." Reigns appreciates what each one brings to the table, but there is a person with whom Reigns has spent more than a year fighting and his presence is what this year's Chamber is going to do, something really interesting.

"You observe the dynamics of the game and we have many Great characters and players in this game. A guy as special as Braun Strowman, maybe we can do something really cool and destroy something. He and his character always seem to be the safest vehicle to travel that route. He and Vince [McMahon] always seem to propose something new …

"An ambulance was not enough, then he flipped a semi," Reigns continued. "The structure is so big, I'm sure there's something we can do creatively to come up with a great moment and make a big impression in Las Vegas and in the same Elimination Chamber match, something people will remember for a while. a long time. "

Roman Reigns says that there will never be another interpreter like John Cena. Courtesy of @WWE

Given the alignment and their past tendencies to create these moments, the Elimination Chamber is expected to be much more than the usual pit stop before WrestleMania. Reigns is happy to share the experience with these six. This is how you see each of them on a professional level.

Win or lose on Sunday, Reigns will have another moment to show off his skills.The three-time WWE champion, once intercontinental champion, once United States champion and one champion of the time tag team will continue to lead the WWE all the as long as his body allows it, and there is no other place he prefers to be.

"It's the best job in the world that any man could have," Reigns said. "Go out and act in front of the craziest crowds that sports entertainment could offer you"

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