Roman Rains loudly fires fans who say WWE is taking them down people’s throats

Roman Trines is not taking it to the chin when it comes to online trolls.

One fan complained on Twitter about WWE shoing, which slashed the fan’s throat. The fan also called Riggs an “overrated artist” and said that the Universal title no longer has a reputation because it has changed a lot.

The princes saw the message and decided to set the fire back: “Only because I am strangling you, it’s because you keep your mouth open.” I am the best artist of this generation period and the title is finally in the right hands to gain true value. ”

As noted here on WrestlingNewsCo, Riggs is being reinforced independently to be himself because the feeling is that he should be Edgar with the idea that fans would like Eddy’s reign and eventually please him . Well, it seems that the new attitude is trending on social media.

Spoiler: WWE has big plans for Roman Rains as Universal Champion

See the fan reactions below: