Roku and NBCU Reach Deal for Mayur, Renewed Agreement for NBC TV Apps

Peacock will finally be taking flight on Roko devices, after months of struggle – and NBCuniversal’s TV app won’t let it stop on Roku.

Roku and NBCU reached a deal on Friday afternoon, which would provide access to streaming platform players and the Mayur streaming app on Roko-enabled TVs. In addition, the media company threatened to pull him over the Mayur dispute this weekend, in addition, the companies renewed their agreement to have 46 NBCU broadcasts and cable apps on Roku.

Under the companies’ expanded agreement, NBC content will be added to the free, ad-supported Roku channel. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. But there are money-changing hands, providing some kind of value to Roku as an NBCU: the platform company said it has a deal for “a meaningful partnership around advertising”.

Peacock will arrive at the Roku Channel Store in a few weeks, pending the work of technical integration between the two companies.

Roku said in a statement, “We are happy to reach an agreement with Comcast that will extend Mor to Roku customers and maintain access to NBCU’s TV Everywhere Apps. We look forward to offering these new options to consumers under an expanded, mutually beneficial relationship between our companies, including a meaningful partnership around NBC content and advertising in the RBC channel. ”

NBCU praised Roku’s “incredible reach” in announcing the deal. “We are delighted that NBCUniversal recognizes the value in building an incredible family of apps and programming, including Peacock,” an NBCU representative said in an emailed statement. “More than 15 million people have signed up for Peacock since its national launch in July and we are thrilled by the millions. We will now be able to use and enjoy Peacock with other NBCUniversal apps on their favorite Roku devices.”

Each party accused the other of making unreasonable demands: NBCU wanted Peacock to be distributed on roko without giving them part of the advertising list on the service. Roku was insisting on getting some kind of compensation.

Mayur launched nationwide on July 15, but is not yet available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The deal is unavailable on WarnerMedia’s HBO Max Stop and Fire TV over disagreement.

Such delivery deadlock is likely to be more common as Roko and Amazon flex their larger installed bases. Roku reported 43 million streaming accounts as of the end of June; Amazon says Fire TV has more than 40 million subscribers. Prior to Roku’s standoff over Peacock and WarmerMedia’s HBO Max, the highest-profile case of a similar controversy was when Fox’s TV app was pulled from the stage in January 2020 – before they made peace and a day before 11 At the end of the hour the app returned. Super Bowl.

Peacock is available in three levels: Premium Free (with ads) and Peacock Premium, featuring a large selection of content, available with ads ($ 4.99 / month) and no ads ($ 9.99 / month). In addition, Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex customers and Cox Contour customers have access to the Peacock Premium with no additional fees (or ad-free tier for $ 5 / month).