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Roger Goodell Extension: why the moment was right

Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe through Getty Images

1. Moment of the extension of Goodell. Why now? Why did the compensation committee push the new contract of commissioner Roger Goodell over the goal line with 15 months remaining on his existing contract this week, considering all the discord about him? It's simple. Next Wednesday, the owners will meet for their annual winter meeting in Dallas, and the compensation committee was not going to go there with the prospect of all hell breaking loose in Jerry Jones' backyard. By now closing the five-year agreement and getting Goodell to sign it, the six-man committee has eliminated the status of the commissioner's contract. It was believed that, as Jones had continued to call and press his teammates, the owner of the Cowboys planned to bring the issue to the table at that meeting.

"The animosity towards Jerry is running very high," said a source in the league. . "The idea that the owners were going to bravely enter Dallas and let Jerry dictate to them? That would never happen."

The interesting thing is how Jones' momentum, in fact, could have given Goodell influence in the talks, in which the threats of the owner of the Cowboys to sue joined other owners against him, and created motivation to end the deal before the Dallas meeting. Add to this the fact that five of the six owners of the compensation committee (Clark Hunt of Kansas City, Robert Kraft of New England, John Mara of New York, Bob McNair of Houston and Art Rooney of Pittsburgh) were also in the committee of Los Angeles and Jones lived commanding that process, and it was clear that another power game was not going to happen.

"People who might have been willing to wait saw Jerry go crazy and actually galvanized (the owners)," said a property source. "He had already caused the damage, and even after saying he would not file a lawsuit, he was organizing calls and putting pressure on the owners." Enough people said, "It's not Jerry's league." Jerry has done a lot for the league, but it is separating us. "

And that's where Goodell's first task will advance: finding a way to reunify the larger group with new diffusion of labor agreements and negotiations on the horizon. And yes, it will be well compensated for that. As I understand it, the basis of Goodell's five-year agreement is approximately $ 4 million per person, and 90% of the money is linked to incentives based on the prosperity of the league, some very easy to reach and others almost impossible to reach. They told me that in a good and solid year, Goodell will be between 20 and 20 years old; and in a great year, it will reach 30 years. It seems that basically you will have to walk on the water to reach the maximum number, which is around $ 40 million per

And as for what's to come, I would expect that in Dallas, some owners will begin discussions about the changes in the the league office, and there might be some feeling that the NFL is going out of the research business.

2. Rams dealing with forest fires. For now, we've all seen the videos of wildfires in Southern California that seem to have been filmed on another planet. And the Rams are having those visual elements in mind as they move through what has been a difficult week for many of their neighbors. As for where they are located, the team base in Thousand Oaks is about 20 miles from the worst of the fires, the Thomas Fire, in Ventura, and no staff member or players have been victims of them, but it has had a small effect on how the team operates this week.

On Tuesday, there was ash in the air, and it was full of smoke, and the team decided to start planning to be within the week. Although things improved on Wednesday morning, the air quality was still unstable and the winds were blowing, so the Rams went ahead with their contingency plan to have an extended route inside the Cal Lutheran gym instead of a practice . The plan is to return to the normal schedule now, and to be back outside of Thursday and Friday, and all that, obviously, is subject to changes (the contingency would be to move the practice from the south to the USC). Whatever happens, all this will challenge the team (and obviously, that is a much less serious challenge than the ones facing the others in the area) with a great game against the Eagles that is looming.

"One of the things that our men have felt comfortable, you look at the long journey at the beginning of the year, they just adjust and adapt," coach Sean McVay told reporters on Wednesday. "We've become a more mature team as the season progressed, the goal is to make sure our players are as fresh as possible at 1:25 (Pacific Time)." Off the field, the Rams have been in touch with the Red Cross in an effort to help, and your 50/50 income the raffle on Sunday will go to relief from wildfires.

3. Jets taking off. Something strange happened on the way to the first selection in the draft: the Jets "actually became the model of football stability in New York in 2017. And no, the bar for that has not necessarily been high, but last week it has served as a good barometer for the change that has ended with what was supposed to be an effort by the Jets to make their way to a franchise quarterback in 2018. Things could easily have gone the wrong way on several fronts.

previous days At Sunday's game, linebacker Darron Lee fell asleep and arrived late on Saturday, and Mo Wilkerson was late for a meeting. As a result, Lee was deactivated and Wilkerson sat down during the first quarter. And then, the Jets fell by 14-0 to a Kansas City team that fights for its life in the playoffs. The 2015 or '16 Jets may have collapsed at that point, but this year's group continued to swing, got the game tied at 14 in half, and survived the Chiefs after the break to score a 38-38 victory. 31 Or a staff member expressed it: "They just kept playing." And they did it with a young, competitive and hungry team, which explains the model that coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan were looking for in the players to go through the last review. out of season.

The truth is that the last two years have been a learning process for those two boys, as they have grown in their roles: to take an aging team to 10 wins in 2015 and then see it crumble in 16 And that growth It has been evident in both this year. Almost all the veterans that Maccagnan left have fought or are not playing elsewhere, and he nailed his best picks, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, and found the right quarterback, Josh McCown, to put the young players close. The ability of Bowles to get players to block the noise on the tank should not be forgotten either. Bowles also developed the young talent in hand, no small feat after ejecting his offensive team.

And now, in the future, the Jets have some good young players to build, $ 80 million to spend, and, potentially, four of the Top 75 picks in next year's draft. Finding a field marshal (Kirk Cousins?) Could be a major problem without a selection within the Top 2 or 3, but the cultural changes that have been consolidated have been worthwhile, in the minds of the experts. And on the condition that no one suddenly gets spicy, the property could end up benefiting from being patient with their young GM trainer / combo.

4. Is Eli about to leave? It is impossible to predict the future of Eli Manning without knowing who will make the football decisions for the Giants in 2018. But I certainly would not rule out staying, and for a couple of reasons [19659004] First of all, it would not be difficult at all, logistically , that the team maintains Manning and recruits Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen into the top 3 selections. Manning will win $ 33 million over the next two years, and an average of $ 16.5 million would be a bargain for a starter in 2018. So the Giants could easily carry their number, and that of a rookie going to the top of the draft, to who would like to earn around $ 7.5 million for Those two figures, incidentally, add up to $ 24 million per, which is less than what five field marshals are doing on their own .

Second, there is no guarantee that the Giants' new leadership will fall in love with Rosen or Darnold, or anyone else, and there is a possibility that some of the best QBs will remain in school. Maintaining Manning would give you the flexibility to protect yourself from all that, just as clinging to Sam Bradford protected the Eagles before recruiting Carson Wentz.

The warning is that you would want Manning to accept it, and maybe he would not. & # 39; t. But I think based on the value you have to be a career Giant, probably at least think about it. And if you could get him to do it, it would probably be great for the young man to be around and let the club wait to play with him. And listen, I know a lot of people took what happened last week as a panegyric for Manning's career as a Giant. But he's back in the lineup this week, and he would not be totally surprised if he stays a little later.

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