Rocksteady’s Superman game reportedly getting more details –


An alleged leak on 4Chan has indicated that this Monday, November 6, we’ll get a glimpse at GameInformer’s Next Cover sport, which in accordance with this ‘leak’ might be Rocksteady’s Superman sport.

As reported by Gamepur the supply apparently claims that the sport is large when it comes to scale, and that there might be spectacular particulars shared by Rocksteady to GameInformer.

“Game Informer cover game will be revealed next week,” the supply mentioned. “It will be Rocksteady’s Superman game. The scale and the ambition of the game are mbadive, you all will be blown away by the details. Can’t wait to see your reaction, lads.”

We do not know another particulars except for this, and none of that is confirmed, so take it with a pinch of salt. Is this one thing you’d wish to see although?

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