Rockstar Games employee quits undeclared game

An employee of Rockstar Games has leaked the undisclosed game, which is being speculated about Gta 6, Bully 2, La noir 2, And other rumored Rockstar games. As you know, Rockstar Games Infamous is known for driving a tight ship that rarely produces real leaks. However, when you employ as many people as Rockstar Games, leaks are unavoidable. Fortunately, for Rockstar Games, this latest leak is not very consequential, but it confirms that the team is working on a new game Red dead redemption 2.

In the leak comes the way of Rockstar Games senior character artist Emil Mujanovic. In particular, this is the way of Muzanovic’s Artistic Pages, which, until recently, has been in reference to his work on an undisclosed project at Rockstar Games, which he has been working on since February 2020. He said, as soon as this observation began. Round, Mujanovic dropped the “undisclosed project” from the page.

Unfortunately, it all shows from the developer’s Art Station page. In other words, it is unclear what this “undisclosed project” could be. The most obvious candidate is Grand theft auto VI, Given that it is likely to be the studio’s next release.

However, there have been rumors about here and there Bully 2 And even to a sequel La Noire, But recently, these rumors died Gta 6 Rumors and “leaks” continue. And Gta 6 In development, but does not mean that this “undisclosed project” is in the next, currently undeclared, installment Grand theft auto Chain.

At the time of publication, Rockstar Games has not commented on this latest leak, and it will not, as there is no reason. If the leak mentions a specific game, it may be prompted to provide a comment, but because it is not, there is no need to provide a comment and add speculation. Having said that, if any kind of commentary is provided by Rockstar Games or Emil Mujanovic, we will be sure to update this story whatever has been provided.

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