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Seeking to prove that a conspiracy of astronauts made the shape of the Earth, a California man intends to launch at 1,800 feet on Saturday in a rocket he built from scrap metal.

Assuming 500 miles per hour, miles The long journey through the Mojave Desert does not kill him, Mike Hughes told the Associated Press that his trip to the atmospheric will mark the first phase of his ambitious flat space program.

Hughes' ultimate goal is a later release that places him miles above Earth, where the 61-year-old limo driver hopes to photograph the test drive on which we all live.

"It will close the door to this dirt ball," Hughes said in a fundraising interview with a ground-plane group for Saturday's flight, which spread through theories that NASA is controlled by freemasons rounds of Earth, and Elon Musk makes fake rockets from dirigible balloons.

Hughes promised the Earth flat community to expose the conspiracy with his steam rocket, which will launch it from a modified motorhome, though he acknowledged that he still had much to learn about space science.

"All this technology," he said in the June interview. "I'm really behind the eight ball."

That said, Hughes is not a totally untested engineer. He set a Guinness world record in 2002 for a limo jump, according to Ars Technica, and has been building rockets for years, albeit with mixed results.

"Okay, Waldo, 3 … 2 … 1.!" Someone shouts in a 2012 fire-test video.

There's a brief hiss of boiling water, then. . . nothing. So Hughes gets close to the engine and hits it with a stick, at which point a thick cloud of steam comes out into the chamber.

He built his first manned rocket in 2014, the AP reported, and managed to fly a quarter of a mile over Winkelman, Arizona.

As seen in a YouTube video, the flight ended with Hughes being dragged, moaning from the wreckage of the rocket. The injuries sustained put him in a walker for two weeks, he said.

And the 2014 flight was only a quarter of the distance from the one-mile attempt on Saturday.

And it was based on round-earth technology.

Hughes recently converted to Flat-Eartherism, after struggling for months to raise funds for his follow-up flight on the Mojave.

Originally scheduled for early 2016 in a Kickstarter campaign – "From garage to outer space!" – That did not mention anything about the Illuminati astronauts, and it was the subject after a NASCAR event.

"We want to do this and basically bite our noses at all these billionaires trying to do this," said Hughes, standing in his living room in Apple Valley, California, which he had pasted with drawings of your rockets.

"They have not yet put anyone in space," Hughes said. "There are 20 different space agencies here in the United States, and I am the last person to put a man on a rocket and he launched it."

He compared himself to Evel Knievel, as he promised to launch himself from a California racecourse, the first step in his steaming jump into space.

Kickstarter raised $ 310 from its goal of $ 150,000.

Hughes made other launches, including a plan to fly over Texas on a "SkyLimo". But he complained to Ars Technica last year about the difficulty of financing his dreams with the meager salary of a driver.

A year later, he called a community flat-web community program to announce that it had become a recent conversion.

"We were looking for new sponsors for this, and I believe in flat Earth," Hughes said. "I investigated it for several months."

The host sounded impressed. Hughes had actually flown on a rocket, he observed, while the astronauts were nothing more than paid actors acting in front of a CGI world.

"John Glenn and Neil Armstrong are freemasons," Hughes agreed. "Once you understand that, you understand the roots of deception"

The presenter talked about "the false reality of Elon Musk", and Hughes talked about "anti-Christ things, Illuminati". After half an hour of this, the host told his 300-some listeners to support Hughes' space exploration.

Although there is not a single hypothesis for the aspect of the flat Earth, many believers imagine a disk plane surrounded by sea ice, which naturally contains the oceans.

What is beyond sea ice, in any case, has not yet been discovered.

"We need an individual who is not committed by the government," the host told Hughes. "And you could be that man"

A flatland GoFundMe subsequently raised almost $ 8,000 for Hughes.

In November, the AP reported, its $ 20,000 rocket had an elegant layer of Rust-Oleum paint and "INVESTIGACIÓN FLAT EARTH" inscribed on its side.

While his friends from the flat land helped him build, AP reported, Hughes will make adjustments until Saturday's launch.

Hughes will not be able to test the rocket before it gets inside and attempts to warm up to 500 mph in a mile of desert air. And even if it's a success, he promised his sponsors an even more risky release within the next year, in the space on the disk.

"It's scary as hell," Hughes told the AP. "But none of us leaves this living world."

This is true. However, some may dare to fly beyond their limit.

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