Rocket Lab adds satellite manufacturing to its offerings – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab, one of the largest emerging companies in the category of NewSpace companies that offer launch services and satellites, has added satellite manufacturing to the range of services offered to customers.

The company, which had already developed launch capabilities and has begun sending payloads to space, can now deliver fully-built satellites to its customers, according to a statement.

The satellite platform "Photon" was developed so that customers did not have to build their own satellite hardware.

"Small satellite operators want to focus on providing data or services from space, but building satellite hardware is a major barrier to achieving this," Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck said in a statement.
"The time, resources and experience needed to build hardware can make small satellite operators move away from their main purpose, delaying their path to orbit and revenue. As the turnkey solution for complete missions of small satellites, Rocket Lab provides space at your fingertips. We allow our customers to focus on their payload and mission, we take care of the rest. "

The satellites are designed for a range of low-Earth orbit missions, which include technology demonstrations, risk reduction seekers, constellations and hosted payment charges, the company said in a statement.

The satellites will remain in orbit for five years and will include an S-band communication system, high-performance attitude controls and a suite of avionics tools for propulsion and movement in space.

The new satellites will be manufactured at the Rocket Labs headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, and may be launched at the company's electronic company. Launch pad. The first launch of this type is scheduled for later in the first quarter of the year, and the company said it would have its first customer payment missions in 2020.

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