Rocked Rookie: Kizer descends after the Browns drop to 0-12


BEREA, Ohio (AP) DeShone Kizer kept the brown hoodie over his head, providing some comfort and perhaps a small hideaway to hide.

He was not about to smile and Cleveland's rookie quarterback spoke with little emotion, his words were delivered slowly.

Kizer has been defeated like never before. The loss, so much loss, has taken its toll.

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"I just want to win a game, that's all," he said.

Kizer fell and fell on Monday, a day after the Browns' horrific season fell to a lower level with a 19-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Kizer, 21, had losses in Cleveland's last two possessions, denying the Browns (0-12) any chance of a comeback and dropping coach Hue Jackson to 1-27 in two seasons.

It was a disheartening performance for Kizer, who was coming off a solid game last week in Cincinnati. But against the Chargers, he missed some open shots, rushed others and then committed final sins by coughing a loose ball and throwing a pick in the fourth quarter.

This was another setback in an ups and downs season for the second. -The general recruit, who leads the NFL with 15 interceptions, has a 58.1 rating worse in the league and fell to 0-11 as a starter.

No wonder he was not in a good mood after he and his colleagues reviewed tape of another loss.

However, despite Kizer's last setback, Jackson still feels he will become a reliable starter, and it may become Cleveland's long-sought answer in the problematic position. Jackson predicted that Kizer would have problems in his first season, but he had seen it before.

"DeShone is still a young, growing field marshal," he said. "He's working extremely hard, he's trying to win for his football team, and I think sometimes, in those moments, you go back."

"You're going to take the good with the bad. He has done some good things. He did some things that he has to follow to grow and learn. I'm not down on DeShone. I want DeShone to continue working on this.

"He knows that he has my support and support, but he knows that there are some areas in which he has to grow and grow quite quickly, I think he has accepted that challenge."

Jackson said some of Kizer's problems on Sunday could be attributed to the fact that the helmet headphones are not working properly.

Kizer could not decipher some calls from Jackson and did not hear others, and the Browns were forced to use walkie-talkies on their sideline at the StubHub Center.

"We'll tackle it with the league," Jackson said. "We heard there was another team that had the same problem once at that particular stadium."

That was a novelty for the Chargers coach, Anthony Lynn, who did not know the Browns' technological problems.

"He's the first I've heard about that," Lynne said. "We did not have any problems in our margin."

At first, guard Joel Bitonio was puzzled over why the Brown calls were late, and said that Kizer had to improvise and call some works on his own.

"Hopefully we do not have more of those problems," he said. "We're going to have to become a high school team where we have a guy running from the sidelines all the time."

Kizer can add the communication breakdown to a list of the first ones in his NFL initiation. He has been forced to learn the hard way, having problems and losses along the way.

"This experience for him is invaluable," Jackson said. "He's getting real-time representatives of the game in the National Football League against some really good defenses that have shown him where he needs to improve, we all know that players make great improvements from Year 1 to Year 2 because, suddenly, you understand the speed of the game, what it takes to win, how you prepare. "

Bitonio can be related.

He said it was understandable that Kizer showed up at work feeling a bit depressed.

"It's difficult," Bitonio said. "I think that's what Mondays are for, somehow, to push him away and if he still feels that way tomorrow or the next day, then you talk to him, but on Mondays you have to let him have some time to air and correct those mistakes … The NFL has a great way to humiliate you. "

NOTES: While Jackson supports Kizer, he knows that the Browns may need a high QB in next year's draft. As of now, Cleveland has selections Nos. 1 and 7. "We can not have too many good quarterbacks at this time in this soccer team," he said. … Browns said rookie S Jabrill Peppers did not suffer a serious knee injury.

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