Rochester Police Chief Fires Daniel Prude’s Death

Outgoing chief La’Ron Singleri last week announced his intention to retire at the end of September. But it has now been removed after reviewing the case.

“This initial look showed what so many people suspect is the problem we have with the Rochester Police Department,” Warren said in a news release Monday. “The one who sees everything through the eyes of the badge and not the citizens we serve. It shows that Mr. Prud’s death was not taken as seriously as was the case in the government of the entire city at every level Should have been done by reviewers. ”

Corporation lawyer Tim Curtin and Director of Communications Justin Rose were suspended for 30 days without pay.

According to a news release on the city’s website on Monday, the verdict “led to a cursory management review of the city’s role and subsequent actions in Daniel Prude’s death.”

However, as Prude died in March, his family’s lawyers released a police body camera video showing officers covering his head with a “spit of spit” and landing him in a prone position before breathing. Was caught on. Proud stopped breathing and was declared brain-dead at the hospital, where he died on 30 March.

Last week, Prude’s sister filed a lawsuit in federal court against Single Court, 13 other officers and Upstate New York City, with a department cover-up of the death.

Rochester Police Chief to retain Daniel Prude amid death protest

Local leaders hid the murder from the public due to protests and accusations that a black man had been murdered by police.

CNN has reached out to the Rochester City Council, the Rochester Police Department and the Rochester Police Locust Club for comment.

City Attorney Stephanie Prince declined to comment when reached by CNN.

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