Rochester PD uses sound cannon to end 4-hour standoff with protesters

Rochester police used a sound cannon and rubber bullets to end a four-hour standoff with protesters early Sunday – after Daniel Prud’s brother addressed officers in a tear-filled tier.

The latest night of unrest triggered by the fatal arrest of 41-year-old Pruede began at 9:30 pm on Saturday with hundreds of people – intruders otherwise peaceful protesters, “wearing helmets, doodling armor and shields” with agitators The police said.

Before things got violent, according to a video shared by the Democrat and Chronicle, Prud’s brother, Joe Prud, took a microphone while yelling at officers to make a line on the street.

“Half you don’t even live in the city of Motherf-ers. We live here as the mother of every god, ”Prud shouted at the officers in the clip.

“We are more concerned about what fk y’all will do to us, because we are worried about what fk we will do to each other,” he told the protesters.

Rochester police said “agitators” pushed the community elders, who have been brought in, to try to “keep the protest quiet”.

“Officers moved officers within 5–10 feet,” the force said in a release, adding that “officers began taking bottles, rocks and eggs from the crowd.”

Police fired back with pepper balls, and the Democrat and Chronicle reported that officers also used pepper spray.

Rochester police officers sprayed pepper on protesters last night.

Shaun Dowd / Democrat and Chronicle

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle

Shaun Dowd / Democrat and Chronicle


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An armored BearCat was also brought in, as well as a long-range acoustic device – known as a sound cannon – playing deafening squaws to drive out the protesters and control the crowd, in local paper Has been mentioned.

At least one officer was seen knocking on the ground, the paper said, with force that he said “bottles and rocks kept throwing at them.”

The protesters finally left after 1:30 pm on Sunday, police said – just four hours after the standoff began.

The force said three Rochester locals were arrested, including a 50-year-old man, Nicholas Wilt, who busted illegal assembly charges and protested the arrest.

Ashley Moore, 34, was arrested on charges of harassment by the 37-year-old on charges of unlawful assembly and inciting a riot, and Richard Yanack said there was no further information on the charges against him.

The upstairs town has seen protests every night since 2 September, when bodycam videos showed officers putting a “spit hood” on Prud’s head and until he suffered a mental breakdown on the street Pushed his face to the ground. March.