Rochester passed three bills addressing police funding, authorizing investigation related to Daniel Prude’s death

The council in New York authorized the city’s independent investigation into the arrest and death of Daniel Prude. According to the bill, the law approves a maximum of $ 100,000 in funding for the firm. The bill went from eight to zero.

On Monday, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren fired the chief of police after days when he said he would retire at the end of the month. “This early look shows what so many people suspect is the problem we have with the Rochester Police Department,” said Warrier.

Lawyers for Prude’s family recently released police body camera video, which shows officers “covering her head” with a spit and holding her on the ground in a prone position before breathing. Prude was declared brain-dead at the hospital, where he died on 30 March.

The news of the death of another black person in police custody has intensified daily protests in the city.

The firm conducting the investigation will look into internal communications and proceedings related to Prude’s death, according to the city council.

The new law also includes repeal of funding and authorization for a new police station and neighborhood center, which was passed seven to one.

The law approving the project was passed on August 18, and the city has not yet signed bonds or contacts related to the project, according to a press release.

Members of the city council discussed that when the project was already underway, they were planning to focus on a different use of the land.

The council also passed legislation to transfer Family and Victim Services and its funding to the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, which had previously been placed under the Rochester Police Department. The bill went from eight to zero.

Warren first expressed support for the transfer of family and victim services and an independent investigation.