Rochester Body-Cam footage shows a police officer telling a 9-year-old pepper-sprayed black girl, ‘You did it to yourself, honey.’

A new video posted in Rochester, New York, shows a 9-year-old black girl waiting in handcuffs in agony for 16 minutes in the back seat of a police car after being pepper-sprayed by police. City officials suspended police officers who were seen in an initial video posted Sunday spraying the face of the distressed and handcuffed boy. In the newly released body camera footage, the girl can be heard crying and asking for her father as a white officer tells her that an ambulance has been stopped on the snowy roads. “Officer, please don’t do this to me,” he says at one point. “You did it to yourself, honey,” the officer replies. The girl’s mother called police during an argument with her spouse, but asked officers to call mental health services when it became clear her fourth-grade daughter was heading for a breakdown. Previously posted video shows officers holding the screaming girl, telling her they are losing their patience as they struggled in the snow to put her in the back of a police vehicle.

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