Robert Saleh hopes the team’s identity crisis will be resolved

The next day after the team’s season ended, many Jets players met the media via Zoom. They were all asked that the Jets, who finished 2–14 for their fifth straight losing season and were out of the 10th playoffs, were missing.

Everyone gave a similar answer about the Jets lacking an identity and a winning culture.

The Jets hope they have appointed Robert Saleh as their new head coach. Saleh comes to the Jets after signs with successful organizations such as the 49ers and Seahawks. He has one Super Bowl ring and went to another.

Saleh made an impression on the Jets decision makers that he could be a desperately needed agent for the organization. He has the personality and makeup to inspire and lead the team in the right direction. This is something the Jets have struggled with under Adam Gesse and head coach under Todd Bowles.

Saleh said of his philosophy this season, “Defense, special teams, it doesn’t matter. “It is the mindset of the person in charge that creates an environment in which players compete and players fight for each other, and the players have true love for each other.”

Robert saleh
Robert saleh

Saleh served as a defensive quality-control coach for the Seahawks from 2011–13. It’s a low-level position, but Saleh got to see Seattle head coach Pete Carroll’s work every day. Culture is an overused term in sports, but Carroll has created a culture in Seattle.

“One thing that they absolutely pushed in Seattle was just culture,” the Jets aggressively told George Fante, who played for the Seahawks from 2016-19. “We have got to change the culture. We got to bring culture here. I think they are committed to doing this. “

Brilliant is pointed out as Carol who sets the tone in Seattle.

“Everywhere is different. In Seattle, Pete is the culture, “Fabulous said.” The way he comes to work every day with enthusiasm makes it feel like you’re not at work. You get to be teammates and coaches every day I enjoy playing football and bonding. “

Both Bowles and Gesse tried to establish a culture, but were unsuccessful. Neither of them had an extroverted personality to immediately institute change. They both thought that they could do this over time by bringing in and winning certain types of players. Rex Ryan changed the Jets’ culture when he walked in the door, bought the players when the team started winning, and led to two AFC title games. The Jets then let some key leaders of the team go out the door and the team felt isolated. Trying to regroup since the Jets.

For a long time now, there is no identity to be a jet.

“Just a true identity,” linebacker Taresh Basham said at the end of the season, noting what the team lacked, “so far as you look at the D-line what you see, when you look in the secondary, you What do you see when you look at the offensive line, what do you see, when you look at our received duct, an identity. That is the only thing I think we are missing. “

Players come and go and no tradition is handed down, as is the case with teams like the Ravens, Steelers or Patriots. The brothers will not be able to change that night. It will take time, and general manager Joe Douglas will have to stock the roster with players who will be here for more than two years.

Still, Saleh feels that he can change the conversation around the Jets when he walks in the door. In a way, he already is, when you look at the fan reaction to Thursday night’s announcement. Jet fans have not been universally pleased with a decision in a long time.

Saleh spoke in 2017 about how Carol influenced him.

According to ESPN, Celeer has taken the biggest influence from Coach Carroll from a philosophy standpoint. “Understanding who you are as a person. Understanding what is important to you as a person. And, how to apply it to the message you are trying to deliver. Understanding that every style has a style and every style is the right style provided that you apply it correctly. So, just from a philosophical point of view, talking to people, handling people is where I have my biggest growth from Coach Carroll. “


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