Robert Redford takes a step back as the Face of Sundance Film Festival

"Goodbye," Robert Redford said surprisingly at the Sundance Film Festival today, emerging as the public face of the Utah meeting he founded decades ago.

"Having done this for God, 34 years since the festival began," the Oscar winner told the media and others on Thursday while alone on stage at the Egyptian Theater in Park City. "I think we're at a point where I can move to a different place."

Redford's departure from Sundance today follows his announcement last year that Fox Searchlight The old man and the gun It would be his final performance on screen.

"I've spent a lot of time introducing things, but I do not think the festival needs much more introduction," added Redford, an 82-year-old leather jacket, and said he wanted to spend more time with the filmmakers. year.

With that, Redford made a joke about his long time in which the director of the festival, John Cooper, was not there and then presented to the executive director of the Sundance Institute, Keri Putnam, the crowd dressed in snow and hats. At that time, the founder of the SFF asked him if he should sit in one of the five seats on the stage and Putnam said he could leave, which Redford did very well.

It is not clear if Redford will present the opening film. After the wedding in Eccles tonight, but I would not bet money after his words this afternoon.

Starting a little late with that surprise and officially kicking off the 36th annual film and television program, the opening press conference will take place at Sundance to face policy days and possible protests, as well as premieres, panels and agreements.

In his comments, Putnam reiterated that Sundance was a nonprofit organization and a "home for the meeting of independent artists from around the world." Noting that Sundance had more submission than ever for this year's festival, the executive director also signaled his commitment to inclusion. "Diversity is not about who is making the films, but how they enter the world," Putnam said, noting the increase in representation among accredited media this year.

After that, the new Sundance Programming Director, Kim Yutani and several festival programmers joined Cooper in the Egyptian. Before the group talked about its programming, answered questions from the media and praised Redford, Cooper in his own opening statement said he felt the festival was "more relevant in times divided than ever."

"Together we have seen thousands and thousands of movies, maybe millions. I think when we find something new, we realize it immediately. We know that when we see something special, how important it is to bring that to the public. " @kimyutani, #Sundancy Programming Director

– SundanceFilmFestival (@sundancefest) January 24, 2019

The 2019 Sundance Film Festival runs from today until February 3, with or without Robert Redford in the front seat.

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