Robert Pattinson lied to Christopher Nolan about the Batman audition

Lying like bats.

So, what would you do if you wanted to leave work one day to try for another job? If you answered “lie” then congratulations: you are on the same wavelength as Mr. Pattinson.

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“It’s fun because Chris is so secretive about everything to do with his films,” Robert began. “And then I had to be really secretive about the Batman stuff.”

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“Secret” is certainly an appropriate way to put it, given that Nolan is also clear about what’s in Robert’s character’s name theory.

“So, I had to lie to Chris about going for a screen test – I said I had a family emergency.”

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A classic in the hall under the pretext of fame work.

Maybe it’s because he’s an ex Batman The director himself, but that excuse did not fly with Nolan. “As soon as I said, ‘This is a family emergency’, he said: ‘You are doing Batman Audition, aren’t you? ” Robert concluded.

Weld for the mysterious role of R-Patz theoryThe current release date is set for September 3 in the US – but, given the amount of uncertainty with the coronovirus epidemic, only time will tell what happens there.

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