Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry did karaoke once; Perry Was The Angry The Hilarious Video Leaked

Robert Pattinson’s singing ability was on display Twilight If anyone listened closely. But even though he played the pub before the saga and had two songs on that first soundtrack, Pattinson did not pursue a career in music. But that did not stop him from doing karaoke in 2008 with Katy Perry. This is a must see video, but Perry liked it even though Perry leaked it years later.

A hilarious video of Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry singing leaked in 2013

Robert Pattinson held the 13th annual Go Feast of Go Campaign at Newhouse Hollywood on November 16, 2019 / Katy Perry at the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup media occasion on March 07, 2020 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Tibina Hobson / Wireimage / Ryan Pierce / Getty Images

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In a grainy video on YouTube, Perry and Pattinson are in a karaoke bar and are singing their hearts out by singing “I Will Make Love to You,” originally by Boys II Men. They are a explosionLooks like, and are not really putting a ton of emphasis on feeling great, but belting out the word as best they can.

Perry ended up making a sarcastic remark about sitting and ended up on Pattinson’s lap. By the end, Pattinson is only speaking the song, which also serves as a bus. This is one such fun video to watch, and it clearly came from 2008 when the two went out with friends. But it did not leak until 2013.

Perry was angry that it came out years after the fact

It’s unclear why the video took so long to come out, or why, it was “leaked”, possibly, the installation. However, Perry was not happy.

According to Capital FM, Perry told the Australian radio show 2DayFM in 2013, soon after it leaked, that “nothing is sacred.” The apparently leaked video sparked dating rumors in 2013, even though it was filmed in 2008. And she was not very happy either.

Perry said, “This is the media for you, nothing is sacred, not even karaoke.” “We were just hanging out, a friend of mine is a mutual friend, and we went in vain and karaoke, as you do.”

Of course, the video only reveals who is singing, so the others in their group were not on-screen.

“Eight years later, it finally shows F * shaking on the Internet,” Perry went on. “At least it shows you that we are just friends, like tried friends.”

She then went on to talk about how men and women could not just be friends or try to hang out to the public plotically, especially to someone who was popular like Pattinson.

“If you’re a girl you can’t befriend a guy, like, come on one,” Perry finished. “I feel for him.”

Pattinson is a ‘competitive’ karaoke-goer

Robert Pattinson and host Katy Perry at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards on August 8, 2010.
Contributor for Kevin Mazur / TCA 2010 / WireImage on August 8, 2010 at Robert Pattinson and host Katy Perry 2010 at the Teen Choice Awards

Pattinson did not actually comment negatively on the leak, although he contacted it in an interview with MTV News. Interviewer Josh Horowitz asked him about karaoke in general, and Pattinson was blunt about his karaoke etiquette.

“I was extremely competitive,” he said. “I’m one of those annoying people who like, ‘I want to sing well, don’t sing as a joke.”

He also admitted that “it’s probably better wine” when you do karaoke, as seen in the leaked clip. She once shared a great story of Hugh Jackman and Baz Lurman doing karaoke with Pattinson in “Japanese School Girl Outfits” while singing ABBA.

When it came to the Perry video, Pattinson said that it was “really crazy” that it leaked after so many years and that he had no idea the video was even taken.

By the time Pattinson drops an album (which it probably never will), fans can add it online to their “repertoire” list.

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